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Google will suspend only the Play Store subscription updates in India


You can get your own Android subscriptions, but people in India will not have easy access. XDA he cried he learned Google suspends renewal subscriptions and free trials after India’s largest bank (Reserve Bank of India) introduced Rules that require additional confirmation of registration and other recurring fees. The freeze begins in early May and will continue until the company has resolved the “weather crisis,” according to an email sent to manufacturers.

You can still subscribe to these services, but you will be suspended at the end of each session. Newly updated subscriptions are not affected, but Google is asking developers to specify that users are purchasing at the same time.

We asked Google to comment.

The new rules may affect some electronic devices, but may affect Play Store users more than most. Android dominates Indian phones, and subscription activities are crucial as the country faces new challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic – this could pose a problem for millions of people hoping to sing or watch their favorite TV series.

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