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Google will change its search algorithms to prevent fraudulent transactions

The hijackers are happy when I send cyberbullying That costs a lot of money to download, and Google wants to stop this. The company sells a New York Times that it is change his methods of searching for the site of gossip when you look at a person’s name. The company has recently launched a “popular victim” method that can cripple these pages if you reports attack.

While some methods have already been developed, others are expected to work in the coming months. Google VP David Graff was quick to warn that this would not be a “perfect solution,” but hopes that this will have “significant and positive” results.

This move comes with a bit of a response to a Time piece from April to cover gossip incidents. As Graff added, the pages are also guilty of “running [the] system “- this is a lot to ensure that the page ranks seamlessly as it protects people from seizures. In theory, the changes Google is making can benefit everyone.

Of course, anti-gossip efforts also illustrate this point Google is very powerful through his search. If it is possible to damage another person’s reputation simply because an unscrupulous report ranks high on Google’s search results, it indicates that the company has a high interest in the entire internet.

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