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Google tests RSS feeds in Chrome

Eight years after this unexpected destruction yes Google Reader, Google also embraces RSS. The company is experimenting with the “Follow” button on Chrome which gives you the opportunity to identify your favorite web browsers. In the coming weeks, users of the Chrome Canary for beginners should start seeing new features on Android. Google’s Adrienne Porter Felt wrote that the next feed is from RSS and that the company is doing this to cater to “consumer needs.”

Unfortunately, the announcement was fulfilled with a push back and an insult to those who are still searching for Google Reader. In a brief response, one Twitter user said: “so, it’s a google reader, but shittier.” Someone said Google tried “kill rss hype 15 years ago, but when it failed, it used it again!” When a reporter Feedly shared the language, he wrote: “Good news, we’re happy!” Others, however, received the message by sharing some encouraging thoughts and asking for a version of iOS.

In the meantime, the next button is in the test phase. Felt added that the formats rely heavily on RSS to capture content on the page, but can also capture additional content using the browser. Control email newsletters, Felt said sites like Substack that include newsletters should work. Google is encouraging pages to store their new RSS feeds so that Chrome can receive new ones. It also prays for support from publishers, bloggers, producers and netizens.

News of the show is coming soon Google / I / O Conference 2021, as it unveiled a stream of innovations including the following genres of Android and Wear OS, as well as graphics, Maps and Search.

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