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Google suspended the ‘Hold for Me’ feature on the Pixel 6 following a buggy update

Last year, Google launched a special Pixel device called “Catch Me“It may alert you to business as soon as your phone rings. However, the service has been temporarily suspended from Pixel 6 due to a December change, XDA developers they say. Owners of Pixel 6 have also lost the Call Screening device which prevents callers from calling your phone, Google said. post post.

“Based on the December update for Android, we are suspending Hold For Me and Call Screening on Pixel 6 devices running the Android S December QPR release,” the company wrote. This issue only concerns Pixel 6 phones with the latest security updates by December 2021, not any older devices. If you have not already done so, you should continue to have access to these resources.

Hold for Me started out as the only thing in the US but was recently expanded into Canada, e.g. XDA developers he realized. They use Google Duplex Technology AI to detect when a real person is coming to the line to ring your phone, avoiding the pain of listening to elevator music or pre-recorded messages. Google Call Screening tech also uses Duplex AI tech, which was developed by promise has arranged a restaurant for you only.

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