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Google plans to build more commercial computers by 2029


Google developers are confident that they will be able to build more computers by 2029. Google CEO Sundar Photosi announced the move river I / O today, and inside blog post, leading AI engineer Erik Lucero reiterated the company’s goal of “creating a useful, faulty computer system” over a decade.

Authorities also unveiled a new Google school in Santa Barbara, California, dedicated to quantum AI. The campus features Google’s startups, power tools, and quantum processor software.

The main advantage of most computers comes in terms of power, size and accuracy, allowing researchers to calculate complexities very quickly. Experts predict that the advent of computers will facilitate the smooth running of a number of industries, including health care, economics, concealment, artificial intelligence, stability and power.

“As we look to the future 10 years, the world’s biggest challenges, from climate change to the next pandemic, require a new kind of computer,” says Lucero. To make better batteries (reduce energy costs), or to make a fertilizer that does not make 2% of global air emissions (as nitrogen is common today), or to make more chemicals (to stop the next epidemic), we need to understand and make better molecules. That means accurately comparing the universe. But you can’t fully copy molecules using old computers. “

Google is not alone in the competition for more computers: IBM is putting it on his first commercial computer at Cleveland Hospital this year, as part of a ten-year partnership to drive the findings of the medical and pharmaceutical companies.

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