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Google pins slow Pixel 6 fingerprint recognition on ‘fixed security’


Ask Pixel 6 owners of their high gripe and can point a small, red finger. However, it may be that this is because of temporary suffering. Google is to say users whose Pixel 6 fingerprint readers are using “protected algorithms” that can take a long time to scan your numbers or may need to be properly connected to the sensor.

Google did not disclose any details about this transaction. We asked Google to comment.

Some users have suggested that laziness may be due to Google using a fingerprint scanner under the display instead of the ultrasonic sensor available in mobile phones. Galaxy S21. However, Reddit users he realized there are phones with visible sensors that work fast, such as cell phones OnePlus 9. There are real opportunities for the app that can play a part in the entertainment of the Pixel 6.

It is unknown at this time what Google will do or say. Whether it is possible or not, it is not possible to provide an alternative to your passport. Facial openings are often unsafe with no deep sensor available, as facial recognition systems are sometimes. deception with masks and pictures. In short editing, you just have to be patient when using the latest Pixel version.

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