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Google makes it easy to find businesses with toilets that are not tolerant of men or women

Proud The moon is moving, Google is adding a file for small but useful in Maps and Search supporting transgender, nonbinary and gender inequalities. The local list could now include specifying whether the business has toilets that are politically neutral. You will see more of what is listed below the content of this page. As in the past, it is also possible if the business identifies itself as a safe transgender environment.


These are not the only things the company is adding to Maps. In addition to its timing (hereafter, by World Cycling Day on June 3), it is increasing the availability of information for bike sharing. By the end of 2021, the company says the group will do more work 100 additional cities in 25 countries, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Portland, Miami and Boston. You can use the app to find a bike park, and to see how many bikes are everywhere.

In any case, it’s a big growth. When Google first added the bike to the map, it was found in 24 cities in 16 countries. The increase comes as more and more people are looking at the company’s bike trails and information. According to Google, it sees people using Maps to ride on bikes that, on average, 10% longer than they did in 2020.

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