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Google is releasing its free G Suite feature on July 1st

Over the years, Google products have had many names. What started as a Google Apps and is now known as . At the same time, the company has offered a number of ways to access the program, announcing new enrollment plans while removing seniors. It is now planning to enter the solar system which is about to be modified very soon.

In the email displayed by , the company has told Workspace executives that it will not offer a free version of the G Suite since then . The company is planning to switch users to pay accounts from May 1st. Google says it will automatically select the registration system for users who do not make their own choices as of May, and I expect to see how they will use it in making decisions. Any person or organization whose company transfers to a paid payment plan is not paid for two months. However, the company says it will no longer suspend accounts of individuals and organizations that do not provide their payment information by July 1.

Workspace business and business accounts start at a monthly rate of $ 6 per user. The company will offer a “deep” discount for those affected by the election. Strictly speaking, if you are using Gmail, Docs, Sheets and other apps via a free Google account, you will not be affected by the move. In addition, Google will continue to offer free Workspace plans and schools that are worthy of its education . This does not change with the current announcement, and organizations with a history of G Suite Basic registration, Business, Education or Nonprofit should not be concerned about a bill that may occur suddenly.

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