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Google is facing growing charges of new US antitrust lawsuits

Google is finishing the week with more antitrust head. Reuters reports a U.S. team led by Texas records the changes a lawsuit against Google on the misuse of power in the online advertising business. The modified complaint provides more information about what Google wants to prevent competition, including privacy “Works at Bernanke“marketing program.

International states that Google used Project Bernanke in 2015 to bring down second-largest businesses in advertising, including revenue and pouring the money into exclusive businesses using Google Ads. This gave Google Ads advertisers unfair advantage and enabled them to win ads that they would otherwise lose, depending on the case.

We asked Google to give us a comment. It had previously confirmed Project Bernanke’s existence, but maintained that there was nothing wrong with it and that international lawsuits “misrepresented” his advertising business. A revised case could cause some problems for Google, though. At the very least, this change confirms how countries view Google – they are determined to ban its practices.

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