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Google Images will help you get rid of unstructured images and viewers


Google back in December no longer offers unlimited stocks of photos and videos in from June 1. After that date, the “high-quality videos” you upload will read the 15GB cap shared by Gmail and on a regular Google Account. Related to this move, Google does in Photos.

From today, you will see a tool in the Photos app designed to help you monitor videos that read your entire section. The backup system puts some things you don’t want to put on Google Photos, such as great videos, viewers and static photos.

Many users have also seen an estimate of how long their free Google Account reservation will last. It monitors how you store your files in your account multiple times. Google may not provide a rating if you did not select multiple images and videos from Images, if you are close to the storage limit or if you are using an account provided by an organization or group (such as a job, school or family). Google believes that more than 80% will be able to store high quality photos and videos for another three years with 15GB of free storage.

Elsewhere, Google is redesigning the cache as a “backup cache,” and will soon remove this change. You can freeze your photos using the backup method or in the selection you took (“original”). Google claims to be making it easier to manage images in images.

If you do not save free storage and want to download more photos, you may need to clear another room or pay Google One storage plan. Google will notify you of the Photos app and email as you approach the border. However, you can download the most up-to-date photos and videos you would like until the day without reading your cap. It will continue to be released to your account storage limits.

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