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Google has developed an app that allows you to communicate easily with people who have a speech impediment

For a long time, people with a speech impediment have struggled to be understood not only by other people but also by word of mouth. Although some companies have started making their products more efficient for the public it is an atypical word, the most common services are still not fully understood. Google announced today that it has developed a new Android app called Project Relate that can help people with speech problems to communicate easily with others and the Assistant. I am looking at beta testers testing and repair program from today.

As Google Research marketing manager Julie Cattiau said in the video, “word recognition does not always work well for people who speak in a figurative sense because the algorithms are not trained in their speech patterns.” Project Relate will use examples taught in individual language. When a person first introduces a program, he asks them to repeat a few words in order to form a starting point and to understand how they speak.

Next, Project Relate can do three things: Write down the user’s comments so that they can copy and paste them or show them to the public on their screen, read the user’s comments and comments and interact with the Google Assistant.

The program is still being tested, with the company saying it will reimburse those who will be registering for the beta test “in the coming months.” But this is an important first step in improving vocabulary for those who have a speech impediment.

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