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Google Files has been asked to drop four lawsuits against antitrust cases

Google said so chasing many of a brought by a group of state attorneys. The commission sought to have the court dismissed four of the six antitrust cases, which could have resulted in their reinstatement.

“This complaint misrepresents our business, our products and our intentions, and we would like to deny it on the basis of its failure to provide reasonable grounds for refusing to rely on each other,” said Adam Cohen, Google’s chief financial officer. . The company claimed that the singers failed to prove their guilt by a number of their actions and that most of them “came from past experience that is not in line with what we are doing or our business in these powerful companies (and never did. Violating antitrust laws).

AGs, led by Texas AG Ken Paxton, said Google had misused its power to elevate its position in the online advertising market. Said the company which gave Facebook Parent Meta a boost in piracy (the type of technology allows publishers to request bids from multiple ads at once) in exchange for the help of the Google Open Bidding method of advertising.

Google said the alliance was at the top of the board and was not a secret, as was the Facebook Audience Network (FAN). one of several partners thanks to its Open Bidding program. Cohen said the alliance “does not provide FAN with an opportunity to trade in Open Bidding. FAN competes in commercial ventures like other advertisers: FAN must make more money to win, time., Win in sales.”

AGs too that Google used at least three apps to disrupt advertising. The goal, according to the countries, was to force publishers and advertisers to use the company’s equipment.

“Government critics are responding positively to Google by trying to force Google to share with its competitors financial resources and skills,” Google wrote in a note. “They criticize Google for not adapting its products to the needs of its competitors and for fixing things that leave its competitors too far behind. he is competing with them in the future. “

Monga notes, two other cases in this suit were instituted by state law and were filed in September. Although Google did not request that they be removed, it did have the right to request this later.

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