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Good Read: Good use of the Pstrong brand

Adam Rogers, Wires

If you’ve ever wondered how Pstrong changed the way he felt in his video games, color change and analysis are the two main things you may not have seen. Summary from his book Complete Spectrum: How Color Science Has Made Us Today, Rogers describes how the studio pushes the limits on what the screen can be shown, and that soon the result could be “a work of pure awareness, different for each viewer, that just stays in the mind, then disappears.”

Ferris Jabr, Youth New York Times

Scientific advances provide all sorts of opportunities for longevity, but as the world’s population nears eight billion, both sides of the anti-longevity answer questions about how to proceed.

Kate Crawford, Atlantic Ocean

In a revised article from his most recent book AI Atlas, Crawford explains the reason for relying on facial recognition to determine how he feels is not right. While technology companies continue to argue in some way, the ability of AI to assess how they feel based on facial expressions is not a real science.

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