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Godzilla vs. Review Megalon Retro: The Origin of Jet Jaguar’s Kitschy

Jet Jaguar and Godzilla exchanged hands in 1973 for Godzilla vs.  Megalon.

Now that’s it agreement.
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In just a few weeks, Godzilla Residence and finally hitting Netflix, and it means we find a new species one of our favorite, Jet Jaguar. Celebrating, we look back at its previous story Godzilla vs Megalon, and found a video that, for better or worse, an unflattering video format.

Watching monster movies like any other but the silent schlock is a great war and nothing on earth is nothing new. From the start of the race to the west like this year Godzilla against Kong, there will always be a place for you to show a nasty video that sells in depth — or sometimes even a cohesive union-For a great demonstration of the beast’s event. Who needs to think about when you can have cities competing with bigger ones than life? Godzilla’s cinema work is no more, but the 1973’s Godzilla vs Megalon can be an excellent example of a rising or dying video in which you can appreciate great shenanigans as well very happy on any complex form.

A movie that feels almost parallel (especially of its unique star and how it fights the latter) and is ridiculed (because of its nonsense, relying too much on recycled content, and its nonsense) and the big G celebrations in the years since, Godzilla and Megalon then the kind of video that knows what you expect to get into. It doesn’t offer as much as it would be if you tried to be extravagant (parts that are, obviously, stretched out at times), but if you would expect permission to refer to the world as its largest document it is possible, well, what you find here is something in the “What if” Godzilla fooled a fool, and it was good that he did it twice? ”

Godzilla vs MegalonThe thread scheme in particular draws us away from Godzilla as our goal. After their submarine development was thwarted by the testing of nuclear weapons – the same test that we gave to the King of Beasts first – the retaliatory Seatopian, led by Emperor Antonio (Robert Dunham), unleashed their fearsome god Megalon to destroy the planet. While Godzilla and his allies on Monster Island were unmoved by recent wave tests of nuclear weapons, Seatopians turned to Japanese manufacturer Goro Ibuki (Katsuhiko Sasaki). They want to use Ibuki’s latest machine, a man-made robot called the Jet Jaguar, to direct Megalon’s destructive missions to Earth. As Goro and his allies fight the bondage to regain control of the Jet Jaguar – and the JSDF is trying to stop the Megalon in Tokyo – in the end, Goro wins and uses Jet Jaguar’s steering techniques to get the robot to call Godzilla for help. After Jet Jaguar developed his Ultraman and grew to great heights, the robot and King of the Monsters battled Megalon and Godzilla’s latest partner, Gigan (especially through videos that have been reused since 1972’s Godzilla vs Gigan).

That’s … that, really. Godzilla vs Megalon there is not much going on to ensure that it has a maximum duration of 80 minutes, as it moves between the dangers that the Seatopians and Goro want to free their captives to regain access to the Jet Jaguar. The purpose of the Jet Jaguar – stunningly designed as part of a children’s competition and Toho production studio creating a new beast on the franchise — renders the movie useless Godzilla Video and more of the pastiche of Ultramanvery good. No matter how fun the robots are, it’s hard not to feel like they can’t match what Godzilla was up to here in its history, to the extent that it did from the catastrophic, dangerous evolution of one of Japan’s strongest. Even so, the film is plagued by what it intends to do with Jet Jaguar as opposed to the free use of pre-existing content, while weapons manufacturers are being asked to get Godzilla to regain their conscience. after the King Kong vs Godzilla.

And yet, if you put aside the bits a Godzilla vs Megalon which is not an incomplete gel (which is true, it is very important) there is something there, very simple in its simple composition, which makes its interest interesting. The final battle between Jet Jaguar, Godzilla, Gigan, and Megalon is an unpleasant experience, and for the first time the video feels like it has any kind of power after construction. Even if you are lost great pull on the side-How Jet Jaguar binds Megalon so that Godzilla can put his tail as if spitting in the face of any god who responds to physics to throw a two-legged kick to his chest – it’s a strange beast – nothing robot on a beast. When you make 80 minutes feel like 120, it sounds like Godzilla vs Megalon Finally he just goes “Well, you like fights, don’t you?” The video never went away, and it probably saves.

Whether the legacy left to the franchise in this regard – the idea of ​​a genre of video games as fearless and intimidating, as well as stupid rubber suits fighting – has become a matter of absolute certainty and a different question together. On the other hand, Godzilla vs Megalon‘traditional culture in recent years imitating monkey movies, Godzilla or not, always face the battle whether he wants to look good or not. On the other hand, it is a reminder that big franchises like these, which are as diverse as this, have a place to sometimes just go and do cheap things that make blockbusters happy. It doesn’t matter how you feel about it Godzilla vs MegalonWeakness, or the strange start of Jet Jaguar in its cordless roots, then and something satisfying about the big robot and the King of all Kaiju shaking hands after a good job and calling it a day, even if you take your viral videos.

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