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GM expands its operations and drives the EV to $ 35 billion

GM has increased its savings on EV and driving costs from 2020 to 2025 to $ 35 billion. The U.S. automotive industry originally planned to invest $ 20 billion in the project but decided to strengthen it up to $ 27 billion at the end of last year. Now, like CNBC reports, it is wasting a lot of money on effort go electric and do not drive.

The company will spend extra money to support the development of its battery and fuel technologies. It will also make two additional battery facilities in the US in addition to the two already built, mainly to ensure that it does not run out of battery power as it grows its EV production. With its own batteries (as Tesla does with Gigafactories), GM will not be sorry for its future co-workers.

In the past, GM has said it wants to have 30 EVs on the market by the end of 2025 by then only for sale electric vehicles by 2035. So far, GM has already launched Hummer EV it’s new Chevy Bolts. among other things, but we will see the company reveal more in the coming years as it continues to drive cars on its own terms – especially since the company said it was expanding its plans with additional funding. GM did not provide much extra information for its new goals. CFO Paul Jacobson simply states that the manufacturers of the machines “hear[s] all the best [its] Ongoing activities. “He added:” We are moving at an alarming rate and there are so many exciting things happening to us. “

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