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Global stocks are making a comeback after the cryptocurrency crisis

Much of the U.S. activity helped boost stocks around the world on Thursday, just one day after markets hit the cryptocurrency market with speculation that policymakers are considering dealing with a crisis.

The S&P 500 rose by 1% during the day in New York, setting the blue-chip index to cover the three-day loss. Nasdaq Composite managed by technical experts recovered 1.6 percent.

The European index of the Stoxx 600 contract closed 1.3% while London’s FTSE 100 finished 1 percent.

New jobs in the U.S. were on the verge of an epidemic last week, according to a labor department report released Thursday, indicating that layoffs are continuing to decline as some countries plan to stop providing additional services.

The interesting news came back late Wednesday from the Federal Reserve, which shows some policymakers think negotiations to repay the bank’s $ 120bn a month should begin as the risk of an epidemic escalates.

Thursday’s price hikes on both sides of the Atlantic are asking for a return to stability after a stock market crash Wednesday, when the S&P 500 index fell 0.3% after falling almost 3% and the Stoxx 600 lost 1.5%.

“The hope for the world seems to be firmly established. . . after a panic attack yesterday crypto ran a major day of risk in European and US markets, which were already in an unstable position [Fed] minutes, ”JPMorgan correspondents wrote.

In monetary terms, the pound rose by 0.5% against the dollar to $ 1.4175, while the euro rose by 0.4% to take $ 1.2217. The US dollar, compared to its peer basket, fell by 0.4%.

Arnab Das, an international market analyst at Invesco, said the picture pointed to a weak dollar as the US began importing international travel clothing from China through political times.

Cryptocurrencies continue to face significant instability, following Chinese regulators mark damage that could occur Wednesday before setting up their digital currency. Bitcoin, which climbed $ 60,000 last month, fell nearly 30% to $ 30,101 on Wednesday. As of Thursday, the exchange rate was trading at $ 39,227 per share.

“Shares and cryptocurrencies have been showing signs for the past few months and should go backwards,” said Richard Saperstein, chief financial officer at Treasury Partners.

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“It’s a climate change,” said Roger Lee, UK equity leader at Investec, referring to the Fed. “Obviously, people will have a rigorous mindset, but the way it is in organizations is hard to predict.”

Although the number of indexes has not moved significantly, regional trends have grown in the past six weeks, he said. Technology companies were among the victims, while inflation in the US rose.

Lee added that filming could not be done quickly, citing the same approach adopted in 2013: he did not start doing anything until December. ”

Brent’s shirt dropped 1.7% to $ 65.50 per barrel, reaching $ 70 on Tuesday, the third time since the plague began.

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