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Global sales are clearly growing this year

Global advertising revenue is expected to increase this year, increasing 14% to the point where the global economy is emerging from the epidemic summer sport and consumer excitement.

A closer look at comparisons from Magna, a research group affiliated with IPG Mediabrands, predicts global sales of $ 78bn to $ 657bn, largely due to the digital advertising market.

Vincent Létang, head of global research, said it was “the strongest growth in the annual advertising campaign that Magna watched”. predictions of the past from major retail offices.

Good practices, which are expected in all major markets, encourage advertising groups such as WPP, Omnicom and IPG, as well as those with traditional journalists.

But Magna hopes the lion has used the new currency to support digital advertising, which Google and Facebook are the most popular.

The 15% increase in the U.S. market is the highest in the next 40 years and a 9 percent increase in Magna’s previous assumptions, mainly due to the use and return of major games.

Advertising fees, especially on traditional media, initially met with the threat of epidemics. But a temporary change in online advertising has strengthened global platforms such as Google, Facebook and Alibaba, which will reduce global sales in 2020 by only 2.5%.

Magna expects the increase in ecommerce and online advertising to continue this year, with digital advertising forms lowering the number of retailers. Digital advertising is expected to grow 20%, representing approximately 64% of all advertising sales by 2021.

In contrast, traditional advertising methods such as printing, magazines, house posters and radio broadcasts are expected to return to size, but at a much lower rate of 3%.

Magna hopes that the return of beverages and automotive promotions and summer sports, combined with the Euro 2000 football tournament and the Olympic Games in Japan, will support live radio, low prices and a significant reduction in audiences. Advertising in newspapers, however, is still expected to drop by 4 percent, even in this recurring year.

Each of the 70 global market markets controlled by Magna is expected to see an increase in advertising revenue, with the UK leading by 16.8%, China at 16% and Brazil at 15.2%.

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