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Global leaders Biden G7 are calling for economic stimulus

Joe Biden won support at the G7 summit on “continued spending” plans, in which Western leaders denied corruption in the post-Covid world and pledged to address inequalities at home and abroad.

Biden’s call for continued economic growth was backed by fellow leaders in the meeting in Cornwall in the southwest of England, at a rally organized by its leaders and in the west to resume aggressive China.

The US president opened the first session of the summit in Carbis Bay and – according to one witness – was assisted by all G7 leaders as he called on the West to “achieve momentum and support the economy”.

Mario Draghi, Italy’s prime minister and former head of the European Central Bank, followed Biden, declaring: “There is a case against monetary policy.”

Draghi said it was necessary to waste their money now, although western countries had to be prudent in the long run to secure markets and ensure investors did not panic and raise high interest rates.

In a demonstration that summarized the West’s conversion to democracy, conference participant Boris Johnson said it was important that the epidemic did not cause a “permanent wound” of inequality.

Opening conference, he said“It is important that we do not repeat the mistakes of the last crisis, the last financial crisis of 2008 when recovery has not been the same for the rest of the world.”

The British Prime Minister of the Conservative has already outlined the dire issues that the government of David Cameron, his successor, has acted as “wrong”.

Johnson also said that recovery should be built on nature in mind and “politically and feminically”.

While the G7’s commitment is not binding, western interest-seeking interest rates are fueling a heated debate this autumn between Johnson and their economist Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

The G7 countries will use the summit to provide more funding for developing countries, with the clear message that Europeans are offering an alternative to Beijing.

Leaders agreed to provide 1bn vaccine to poor countries, which comes as a result of “vaccination talks” in China. The US says Beijing provides medical assistance with “strapped straps”.

The G7 will use its weekend meetings to discuss ways to help poor countries cope with climate change, a monetary program that some British officials say is anti-climate China Belt and Road a global construction program.

So far the conference has approved plans for a new tax system for large foreign companies, even though there is still controversy over what companies should be under.

US President Joe Biden and France’s Emmanuel Macron walk together at the G7 © Phil Noble / Reuters

Biden does not want more assets in US intelligence companies, whereas Britain is located fighting to deal with big banks. “The US does not see a reasonable basis for segregating economic activity,” said a U.S. Treasury official.

After four years of Donald Trump’s presidency, when the G7 became a divisive platform, outrage on the Cornish coast erupted early in the three-day conference.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France, threw his hand around Biden – on his first foreign trip as US president – to the coast of Carbis Bay and discussed the need for democrats to work for the “middle class”.

Meanwhile Justin Trudeau of Canada – who had previously warned that rigorous programs helped lift more people – was one of those who entered the sea.

On Friday evening the G7 leaders and their allies went to Eden, the future park, to meet with Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family. On Saturday they are preparing a barbecue.

The conference continues Saturday with further discussions on economic, external and health issues; ends lunch time on Sunday after discussing climate change.

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