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Get Your National Vaccine, Benefit Millions

LG: Is it necessary for cats and dogs?

I AM: You can bring a carrier, right?

LG: Yes. Can he have another seat first?

I AM: As much as I can, you can do whatever you want in first grade.


I AM: I think that’s how it works. The cat can fly on its own, and it needs to be fed warm nuts. So it becomes something that people go with, “Oh my goodness. It’s true” … Then people see it. Then it has the same effect as the big lotteries in the world. According to the numbers Bondar told me, he saw 400,000 people. You need to upgrade your vaccination card. I mean, you have to make sure you get the vaccine, but 400,000 people did this, 100,000 Mileage Plus members, and they hadn’t done the math yet, but they had to go back and check to see if the vaccine had been announced since, when you could say, ” Yes, they did, because we made it known to them. “

MC: That’s why he’s pulling the FOMO pen, isn’t it?

I AM: Correct.

MC: Year, you start the first trip wherever you want, you are a guest for one year. It’s like, “Can you imagine?” People start thinking in their head all the places they can go. But the airplane has a special opportunity to do this, as it can give you the opportunity to know the FOMO. Have you seen any other companies that can produce more FORM?

I AM: I mean, not that I’ve ever seen it. Have you seen other people do this? Any company can fail, right?

MC: Yes. But it would have been different if it had been the year of Taco Bell burritos or the year of free bowling. It seems that it is difficult to do so many events.

I AM: That’s right. Who controls such things? But then, but let me change this and say, “Well, I mean, Apple can say, ‘Here’s the top line of the iPad.'” I mean, they have a lot of sleepers, like, “Well, show off your vaccination card every time you come to Apple Store. We offer one in every zip code in the United States. “

MC: Superbowl Tickets.

I AM: Superbowl Tickets. Zedi.

MCWorld Series tickets. All costs are paid for the trip to the World Series.

I AM: My guess, now I was wrong at first, as I said. I think that if you just give people 50 bucks, it might help. Rather, it is a lottery item. That is why my opinion is completely wrong in financial terms. But the experience seems to be a lot more … I am bigger than what I have experienced than what is in my head. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly here. But if you can do this I would say, “Yes, a trip to the World Series or Major League baseball. The next time you get to the ballpark, show off your vaccination card, and enter the lottery on all four payouts in the World Series.”

MCGraphics: Disneyland.

LGA: The interesting thing is that it shows that our ability to assess risks is not really a problem, because we not only get our chance to win such a lottery in the lottery, but we do not have a definite guarantee around events, do we? We’re kind of working on the assumption that all of these things are just … They’re starting to open up, and they’re going to be open when in fact, we don’t know if fall or winter 2021 is coming. We do not know what will happen next. Sorry to be dark, guys, but we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, if there are any bugs coming out, right?

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