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Games Don’t Just Let You Escape. It also helps you to remember

Games, of course, are not the only ones. While I love one-on-one games, and my earliest memories of the game controlled by one player (thanks, internet connection), the part of development of the game also adds another dimension to our experiences and memories. Whether it’s the fastest race (I remember well the night of Free Competition 2003 in the dorm), wrestling games, or just hanging out with friends in a multi-mile world, we develop game memories by sharing with others.

This is something I realized especially in the last year of the game during the crisis. Looking back over the past year – through a time of anxiety, uncertainty, fear of initial closure – is a memory of the game that is strong, hopeful and exciting.

My playing time once a week with friends from grad school across the country, which is dominated by adult sports Rocket League, had turned to the epic RPG Deity: Original Sin 2. Fortunately for all of us working remotely, and being safe inside, all of a sudden we had more time than ever to play together. A game that I thought would take us easier than the one year we started flying.

In this game, we can become heroes (which are often quiet and dangerous for innocent people in the cities), shape our future, save the world and take action. We had the whole world to explore and learn the history of, magic and war to learn and be perfect, as well as many new characters we could talk to. Time passed, trips were canceled, but we still had our play sessions several times a week.

Original Sin 2 I will forever be connected with a guilty and dangerous conscience. Thinking about this will remind me of being inside, learning about Rt’s values, worrying about my parents, and seeing my blessings as safe. But it also reminds me of everything that burns in the game world, laughs at the complete failure of my character in any seductive chatter, and turns enemies into boring chickens, planning war tactics, and victory.

Through the magic of the games we shared, we can be connected, away from our desks and mattresses but one side throwing together. Sports have always been a means of communication, and this has been highlighted during the epidemic, when physical height is needed and social interaction is desirable. Over time, there has been a marked benefit in being able to do so listen not alone and living alone safely. We can better remember to help us weather the storm.

Recently, my game escape has changed real real real. I thought it would take years before I could play in VR; it always looks like the future. After spending most of my time indoors, with the exception of essentials like shopping, it was a revelation to put a VR theme. He took me to an open country, my roof was removed and I was replaced by a distant sky. I was no longer in my small room, and the idea of ​​a new space made me believe in skills right away.

Once again, there is a new obscure and exciting mystery with the dangers of the world’s greatest phenomena. And maybe nothing worth the opportunity I have at the moment. I will never forget my first (real) steps in VR, just as I will never forget why they suddenly fell apart. Even if VR is running away, perhaps as it may be, it doesn’t erase some memories.

Instead, they fly in a new way. This memory does not give me the entire time I spend inside the epidemic as a skin, it does not allow it to be properly applied in an attempt to make me forget. Instead it has given me unexpected joy in the dark. Exercise helps me to stay healthy and to stay fit, in a way that seems like an experimental technique to use to escape. Games don’t forget me but, instead, help me remember.

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