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Funny Pictures Will Not Be Recognized By Requiring A New Worker Agreement


Image Comics logo, white label "and" and words "picture below," against a black background.

Symbol of Image Comics.
Figure: Pictures Comics

Earlier this week, workers at Pictures Comics he announced development of and Comic Book Workers United, union work forcing major changes in the workplace related to equity, availability, and visibility within the company. Along with a list of goals and objectives for the merger, CBWU also publicly shared its call for Image Comics to recognize its will and begin discussions on developing a partnership that could be a first for companies.

Although Image initially did not want to comment on CBWU’s design and whether it would accept the agreement, the company said in a statement. “He has always believed that workers were treated fairly and equitably and that he always did his best to help the workers” as much as possible. The most straightforward and recent approach that the Image can take to help employees and their idea of ​​being a contract sales store would be to simply accept the agreement, and start communicating in confidence with the negotiating committee.

Instead, Image decided to bring in the National Labor Relations Board as a third party. In the sentence given to Women’s box, The figure stated that it wants to hold a secret ballot run by the NLRB to determine whether the Communications Workers of America is representing them.

“Earlier this week, Communications Workers of America (CWA) submitted a letter to the National Labor Relations Board to make secret decisions so that the appropriate members of the Image Comics office would know if they wanted CWA to stand. For their work with Image,” Image said. “The NLRB is reviewing the petition to determine when, where and when the election will take place.”

When io9 spoke to CBWU earlier this week via email regarding forced rehabilitation, it said the Image had never met the direct and indirect recognition of their will. CBWU hopes, however, that the Image will come to see things as they see them.

“We call on Image to recognize our commitment and to encourage our sponsors to do the same,” CBWU said. “The outpouring of care right now has been devastating, but some people may think it’s all over. It’s just started.”

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