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FTC accuses Frontier of ‘fake’ internet speed


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and six other countries have said so was charged Frontier connection to malicious internet businesses, Hill they say. The FTC criticized the online company for failing to provide consumers with the promised speed and charging “more expensive and faster” than customers expect.

“Complaints allege that Frontier violated the FTC Act and various government laws by undermining the speed of online services that would allow consumers to engage in unfair payments to consumers at a higher cost than the internet,” the FTC wrote in a statement.

Along with the FTC, law firms from Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and California are also parties. Frontier Communications operates approximately 1.3 million consumers in 25 countries, most of them living in rural areas, according to the FTC. About 87% of its customers are in non-competitive areas.

“Frontier believes the lawsuits are frivolous. The plaintiff’s complaints also include false claims, alleviate potential problems for Frontier’s clients and neglect the requirements,” Frontier said. Hill in words.

Frontier soon came out of the bankruptcy was launched in 2020 with the idea of ​​redesigning its networks and replacing copper and fiber lines. The company has filed similar lawsuits against West Virginia, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Washington and Minnesota, but has denied any wrongdoing. “Even in these areas, Frontier has failed to end its operations, and consumers continue to suffer nationwide,” according to the complaint.

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