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French burns a few cars on New Year’s Eve due to plague | Coronavirus Plague News

The most disturbing ceremony appeared to be on the decline this year, with only 874 cars burned.

Hundreds of empty, parked cars set fire to France every New Year’s Eve, set ablaze by young athletes, a grim protest that seemed to subside this year, with only 874 cars burning.

The number of vehicles burned at night has dropped compared to the New Year 2019 when 1,316 cars caught fire, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin wrote on Saturday.

Less threats were made as a result of the increase in police presence on city streets on New Year’s Eve, with the introduction of rules and regulations and restrictions on public meetings and the wearing of masks as a disease caused by active Omicron spread various changes, he said.

Not many of the vehicles were burned last year due to a national shutdown in 2020 during the coronavirus epidemic.

Like many other countries, France observes cars burning all year long for a number of reasons, including gangs that hide information about their crime and people who lie under insurance coverage.

But car burning took a new turn in France as it became a way to mark the coming of the New Year. The practice is said to have begun in earnest among young people – often in the poorest areas – in the 1990’s in the Strasbourg region of eastern France.

It also became a voice of protest during a massive riot of desperate young people from construction projects that swept across France in late 2005.

During this time, police recruited 8,810 vehicles that were set on fire in less than three weeks.

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