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Fortnite’s next sequel is Aloy from ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’


The same day Epic Games has announced a $ 200 million sale from Sony, publisher revealed brings another version of the PlayStation Four men this week. Aloy from Extreme Zero Dawn will go to the island on April 15th.

Aloy clothing and more HZD-supported items (such as emote, pickaxe, glider and back bling) will arrive for the first time on purchase on the same day. On the plus side is the Aloy opener, and if you wear that outfit you are playing Four men on the PlayStation 5, you’ll find an ice cream cone.

A Duos Competition among the bows, Aloy’s selection tool, is taking place on April 14 on PS4 and PS5. You get a lot of enemy kills with a bow. The best performing teams in each area have received HZD a bundle as a reward.

Aloy mixes Four men as part of the Games series. People from other ancient countries such as (Sony War God), (Street Fighter) is (Halo) they all went to war a few months ago.

Another sports fan, Lara Croft, has arrived recently Four men aside the beginning of the Primal season. Remembering the coming of Aloy, Four men it involves participants on both occasions in a short period of time. Players should wear one of the two outfits in Team Up! Aloy & Lara Duos, which you can play between 9AM ET on April 16th immediately on April 18th. Aloy will only have a bow and Lara will have to make with his two pistols, but the weapons will be flexible.

Aloy smiles Four men as Sony plans . As of April 19, owners of PS4 and PS5 will be able to order for free through the Play at Home app. The best indie sports team through this work until April 22nd.


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