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Former US Vice President Walter Mondale has died at the age of 93

Walter Mondale, a generous Democrat who served as vice president of the US under Jimmy Carter before losing his chance to go to the White House for Ronald Reagan in 1984, has died at the age of 93.

Mondale, a native of southern Minnesota, began his political career in 1960 as a senior lawyer and then four years later as a U.S. senator, before becoming a Democratic leader in the mid-late 20th century.

In his career, Mondale is known for being a promoter and a celebrity as a vice president of US politics, as well as for knocking. Geraldine Ferraro as a marriage partner in 1984: the first time a mother has been elected to a major party. Mondale, known as “Fritz”, also held talks in the US, as ambassador to Japan during Bill Clinton’s presidency in the 1990s.

“During our tenure, Fritz used his political skills and loyalty to transform the vice president into a powerful, guiding force that has never been seen before,” Carter said in a statement Monday night. “He was a close friend and supporter of the people of Minnesota, the United States and around the world,” added the former President.

From the very beginning of politics, Mondale has been a leader in a range of causes including the need for social security, housing law and human rights.

“There are many consequences to being discriminated against. Children do not act as well. We live in isolation. We do not learn about our friends. We are all Americans. And yet, we are different because of race. And I believe it should stop, “he told National Public Radio in 2018.

But Mondale is also known for being outspoken where he was prepared to discuss the challenges facing the US. Notably, while addressing the Democratic National Convention in 1984, he warned that he was ready to raise taxes to boost the country’s economy.

He stated: “We must speak the truth. “Reagan will raise taxes, too. He won’t tell you. I just did it.” Mondale lost the 1984 election, winning in Minnesota and the District of Columbia. of roots “.

Mondale played a key role in some of the most important events in Carter’s administration, including the 1978 Camp David agreement between Israel and Egypt. But the power crisis facing the US economic crisis and the beating of Iran disrupted foreign policy, and Mondale and Carter could not find a second place to deal with the ideology and crisis of Reagan.

Later, Mondale resigned in 2002, seeking a seat in the Senate after an accident that killed Paul Wellstone, a Minnesota Democratic senator. But the former vice-president was violently defeated by Republican Norm Coleman, ending his dream of returning to politics.

In recent days, Mondale has written a short farewell message to his staff, highlighting their upcoming reunion with his deceased wife and daughter, who died before he was born.

“Well, my time has come. I am eager to be reunited with Joan and Eleanor, ”wrote Mondale. “We have all achieved a lot and I know you will continue to fight well. Joe [Biden] at the White House it really helps. ”

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