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Former Malaysian PM Najib paid for a virus violation at a restaurant | Coronavirus News Plague


The former director was fined $ 730 for failing to register at a restaurant or heating up.

Former Malawian leader Najib Razak, who has been convicted in a major 1MDB case, is in trouble with the law – this time for violating coronavirus rules in restaurants.

He was fined 3,000 Malaysian ringgit ($ 730) for failing to register at a restaurant or heating up, police said. The sentence was announced late Thursday.

This comes after media reports showed a former Prime Minister violating the rules in March at a Kuala Lumpur restaurant selling chicken and rice.

While Najib still denies taking part in the 1MDB scandal, which has sentenced him to 12 years in prison, he was quick to admit his wrongdoing to the diners.

A 67-year-old boy, who is free on bail when filing for a 1MDB ruling, used the incident to highlight other cases in which politicians allegedly violated the rules.

This includes what happened when the ministers allegedly went illegally to another part of the country for a wedding.

“I and the man on the street are being investigated by the police and fined,” Najib wrote on Facebook.

“But I do not know (if this happens), whether the government ministers are violating the law.”

The seller also fined $ 10,000 ($ 2,428) for failing to comply with Najib’s demands.

Last month Najib revealed that he was facing bankruptcy for failing to pay taxes in excess of $ 400mn, which could result in him losing his parliamentary seat.

He was arrested last year on the first charges against him seizing the power of 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

Billions of dollars were stolen from a savings fund and destroyed everything from high prices to real estate, which led to the collapse of the Najib government in 2018.

Malaysia is facing an outbreak of the virus, and this week it has launched new protests in Kuala Lumpur and several other areas.


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