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Ford unveils F-150 Lighting EV on May 19


After years of , Ford will eventually detail the upcoming F-150 sedan. On Monday, the company shared a view to disclosing the EV’s disclosure on May 19. In the middle of the piece, the self-proclaimed self-proclaimed, “Sell computer-shown car is on display. It’s available in the spring of 2022.” It is worth noting that printing is not a new phenomenon in the genre. .

Outside of the name, the design doesn’t share much of what we would expect from a new Ford car. However, last year Ford said the car will have two electric motors and a possibility act as a power station. The company also said it would have more horsepower and traction than the current F-150.

The announcement comes on the same day as Ford announced the commemoration of the event . The release date in 2022 that was shared in the teaser is the same Ford that has been claiming for a while now, and is the one that sees the F-150 contradictory Tesla’s Cybertruck.

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