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For the CBC, the dog issue is more important than racism in Israel | US & Canada


For many Canadian journalists, the death of an old dog is more widespread than the torture and death of imprisoned Palestinians.

This is especially shameful, inevitable in the case of journalists living in Canada, Canada Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

If you are a CBC and you doubt this, remember this.

On April 27, Human Rights Watch (HRW), a cautious Western journalist, published a 213-page fraudulent report that Israel, almost from the time of its inception, had brutally and brutally persecuted Palestinians.

The ultimate goal of the brutal, systematic persecution of Palestinians is not to save Israel. Instead, Israel’s evil intention is to force other nations to live in Palestine, where kidnappings and oppression of Palestinians are shamelessly ghettos.

Which, to date, is a well-known incident of Israeli terrorists – inside and outside the uniforms – beating Palestinians who refuse to be evicted from their homes in Jerusalem with clear evidence of wanting to destroy Israel. The same can be said of the crippled, mutilated bodies of infants and children – all of whom are victims of, in addition, the brutal Israeli explosion in Gaza.

Israel, HRW concluded, for generations has been guilty of racism as a global law, not a lie, just a lie.

The HRW report made many headlines and sparked numerous comments on this page as well as in other major publications around the world. But not in Canada. And very embarrassing, not anywhere near the CBC financial system that is published publicly.

No statement was made, nor was the minute provided, the HRW report for any CBC reporter on April 27, even though the network had already received it.

Then, on May 8, the beautiful Portuguese water dog, Bo, died of cancer. Bo was dubbed the “White House Member” in the headline has been linked to a long story about his death published by CBC online.

As a result, in a humorous reading of CBC reporters, the passing of the “famous” dog was a “story” that demanded urgent attention for Canadians, but Israeli-written anti-humanitarian cases force Palestinians surrounded – ten years after a decade without mercy – did not mean to refer to the network on April 27 and save this burial, in the days since.

The CBC has not yet asked a Canadian Palestinian person for any of his or her current affairs or events to discuss the findings of the HRW report carefully and the ideas that need his or her attention as it would provide guidance to Canadian observers to understand Israel’s aggressive history. .

In addition to being sad, indelible in their long-standing reputation, CBC’s restrictions on the HRW report threaten to violate a special radio law, which is said to be sacred, to provide Canadian programs that “define, enlighten and show …[s] Canada and its segments for a global audience “.

Why was the HRW report not mentioned?

To answer this question, I went to 17 well-known CBC programmers and several questions via email to explain their failure to “inform, enlighten” and allow Canadians, including the most capable and willing Palestinians – Canadians, to “show” the HRW report from April 27 onwards.

None of the silent reporters suddenly turned on the TV and radio stations asking questions to earn a living. Not one. Instead, he took me to the head of CBC PR.

Their sad deception is clearly visible, as well as irreverent.

CBC journalists – who always appreciate the good of the fourth place and the broadcasters who serve them as an important means of getting people and civil society organizations and organizations – have returned as stable politicians to keep quiet while another violent member tries to read them.

As celebrities, these well-known journalists take their PR “people” to talk to them and protect them from difficult questions.

In a series of letters, CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson acknowledged that the CBC “had not followed any news of the Human Rights Watch report since April 27”.

He later, under pressure, said: “There is no order (or there will be any news) from anyone in CBC News not to comment on this issue. Every day, throughout this process, our programming groups make their own decisions based on what they will say on their shows”.

Interpretation: Yes, of course, all of these CBC journalists who are involved in the current affairs and events have all decided not to write an HRW report on the same day and have made their own decisions. But that was not the case at all. It just happened amazingly.

This is absurd and shameful and cannot be matched by a number of irrefutable reasons that the CBC myopic journalists and their advocacy organizations need to understand.

The CBC is the same for the Palestinian Canadians. It can no longer be done not only as a visual aid but also as a “other” on Canadian public radio.

Thus, when a leading group finds that Palestinians have been abused, deported, imprisoned, tortured, murdered and robbed of their ancestral homes because of racism in Israel, then their voices should be heard clearly and repeatedly on CBC.

In addition, the CBC will no longer be allowed to go public with its coverage of “abusers” abroad.

Highlight the fragmentary nature of the evidence.

On January 14, 2020, the CBC sent a articles online on an HRW report that exacerbates China’s human rights abuses.

This is the most reprehensible topic in this regard: “In its annual report, Human Rights Watch issued a series of critical comments on the Chinese government, calling on other countries to redress” the most serious and widespread repression China has witnessed over the years. “

Three years earlier, the CBC had released a 22-minute notes what made Russia sit on the bench for writing and explaining to its audience on the topic: How Canada began to punish those who violated the rights of the Russian people.

When HRW finds Israel guilty of overcrowding, illegal Palestinian harassment and racial discrimination, the CBC considers the crime illegal and has failed to call on Canadians and foreigners to punish Israel for their crimes.

By barring Canadian Palestinian journalists, academics and researchers from having access to, reviewing and reflecting on the HRW horrific report, the CBC deliberately barred Canadians from looking at past events to understand the recent outbreak of government-sanctioned violence. in Palestine.

Unlawful Israelis and in anticipation of the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in the occupied Jerusalem, their Palestinian oppression of their freedom of assembly, bloody revolt, insulting Palestinian worshipers in one of the most holy places of Islam, the killing of children, women and men indiscriminately. in Gaza there are no recent “spasms” of the “conflict” between Israel and Palestine.

These are, as HRW points out, the actions of a militant group whose goal is to fight, bludgeon and blow up Palestinians in their country and settle down.

The beloved, “progressive” leader of human rights and the rule of law, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also likes to say and do nothing about Israeli crimes. More recently, he has been busy delivering non-controversial interviews to troubled and self-proclaimed online journalists who play legitimate T-ball games with the Prime Minister who is not without a problem.

Predictably, Trudeau has never been criticized for sounding clear, unjustifiable in Israel, as HRW states succinctly and accurately, “real down”.

Forced to deal with the “real world”, a Canadian fake caller clings and utters words in the face of the ongoing shame, violence and terror that was visited in Palestine by Israel in occupied Palestine – yesterday, today and tomorrow. A few days ago, as the Israeli army was strengthened, and the Palestinian people were being forced to respect and surrender, Trudeau declared it as a “Canadian supporter of Israel’s right to self-defense”.

Trudeau’s “plan” for the conquered Palestine – as it were – is this: Palestinians must seize, seize, seize, seize, seize, seize, seize, seize as long as Israel wants to humiliate them, oppress them, drive them away, rob them, imprison them, torture them , maimed, shot, maimed, attacked, and killed.

Canadian ambassadors – who, after stripping off all civilian clothing, do what Trudeau did, and relocate to the Middle East – have been “reviewing” HRW’s report for two weeks.

An official at Canada’s foreign ministry, Global Affairs Canada, “politely declined” my request to ask questions about the atrocities perpetrated in Israel and the horrible, well-known cost of rebellion taking place in Palestine.

As is the case with CBC journalists who do not care about what is happening, it seems that, ambassadors of this type have something, which puts them under great pressure.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.


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