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‘Flight Simulator’ on Xbox will support VRR at better prices

Microsoft Time E3 2021 Sunday’s show, we had a good look Flight test is moving on Xbox Series X, but what was missing from the car was the story of how the game would go to comfort. Now we have the answer. Mu Twitter response seen by Chasing, Microsoft has confirmed that Series X and S can display up to 30 frames per second. However, if you can have a file for The latest TV show set with HDMI 2.1 connectivity and support for flexible transitions, the game is over 30 fps.

Chasing saw also a FAQ which provides additional information on how the console type of Flight test will connect to their PC counterparts. In short, if you purchased the game in the Windows Store, you don’t have to return it to Xbox to play it there – though you won’t have the same opportunity if you buy the game from Valve. On the same page, Microsoft and any Asobo DLC developer will also support between Xbox and Windows Store PC, as implemented. Despite the shortcomings, Microsoft will help cross-platform any platform. So if you can think of playing on Xbox come on July 27th, you will see both Steam and Windows Store players when you go to heaven.

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