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Fitbit’s Charge 5 is $ 50 from Amazon right now

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Fitbit is a major contributor to fitness and wellness, and Price 5, is thinner, lighter and lighter than the Charge 4, and has $ 30 more. However, Amazon is now making a huge difference by offering its first discount, selling for $ 130 in Black / Graphite at a low discount of 28 percent, or $ 50 at a fixed price.

Buy Fitbit Charge 5 on Amazon – $ 130

The Charge 5 got solid Engadget Comment 82, thanks to features such as built-in GPS, pressure sensor that monitors stress, all-color recording, Fitbit Pay and battery life of several days. With a rounded edge, a flexible grip and a 10 percent design, we also found it to be simpler than ever. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of on-screen music, limited software and no connection to Apple Health or Google Fit.


If you want something simpler, cheaper and more comfortable, Amazon also has Fitbit Luxe on sale. It is now available for $ 100 instead of $ 150 in Lunar White / Soft Gold or Black / Graphite, to save $ 50 or 33 percent.

Buy Fitbit Luxe on Amazon – $ 100

Fitbit Luxe also received 82 of us Engadget Comment, offering benefits such as slim and comfortable appearance, good health and battery life. It is also suitable for people with small arms because of its size, width and shape that are “inspired by the human body,” as Fitbit explains. Drawback is a small device that is difficult to read and edit. However, considering that it has many of the features found in its smart watches, it distinguishes well between size and functionality.

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