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Firmware Issue Threatens PSP Games Not to Play


Unless otherwise noted, The problem that exists in the past of the PlayStations threatens to ultimately make any PS4 games and all downloaded PS3 games out of play on current devices. For now, it’s not a matter of if when the problem will happen.

The firmware setup of the firmware has always been well known PlayStation to protect and tear the circles for a while. But that’s it gaining new interest within the idea that Sony recently announced to close the PS3, PSP, and Vita online store. While the expected store closure will not affect players’ ability to play and download the currently purchased app, the temporary closure of PSN servers on these consoles could significantly affect the performance of a large portion of game.

The root of the upcoming article concerns the CMOS battery within each PS3 and PS4, which the system uses to save current time (even when removed). If the battery dies or is removed for any reason, it raises the flag inside the firmware indicating that the timing may not be the same as the actual time.

Once the flag is hoisted, the system will have to review PSN the next time it is necessary to confirm the correct time. On PS3, this online check is done when you play downloaded games on the PlayStation Store. On PS4, this also happens when you try to play a retail game set up on a disc. This check should be performed once even if the CMOS battery is replaced with a new one so that the system can also confirm the inconsistency of the watch.

Why is the PlayStation firmware so careful about having the right timing? On PS3, a time check is used to set any “limits” that can be set for digital trading. (As evidenced by the incorrect message: “This is limited. To do this, go to the periodic changes established via the Internet.”) long on machines whose internal batteries have failed.

On PS4, however, the time check seems to ensure that the PSN trophy data is correctly registered and prevents players from pretending to win trophies earlier than they did before. Do you think that the check could be broken by establishing a non-cup for the game, but test players has shown that this seems to be essential for the PS4 game to achieve at all.

No big deal for those with a PlayStation right now. Of course, 10 to 20 years on your CMOS battery runs out slowly, especially on the original PS3 devices. But replacing the battery and changing the internal time with PSN is a little annoying for a while (assuming you can find a hot Wi-Fi hotspot and PSN is not the same is suffering from one of the most basic of needs).

But nothing lasts forever, as Sony’s recent opinion about older PlayStation stores shows. Sometime in the future, whether it’s a year or 100 years, Sony I will shut down PSN servers that make a time check may not be necessary. After that, it is only a matter of time before CMOS batteries will gradually degrade all PS3 and PS4 devices into medium-sized curios.

Sony it can easily solve this problem with a firmware program that reduces the functionality associated with this check. So far, Sony has not publicly stated its intentions and has not responded to a number of inquiries from Ars Technica. Until then, the complexity of using jailbroken firmware is the only way to ensure that older PlayStation tools can be used in the future.

The story first appeared Ars Technica.

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