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FCC approves $ 7 billion online fund to connect schools and libraries


As part of the White House’s $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the FCC has announced two major events that could help more people connect during the COVID-19 epidemic. Initially, the FCC will raise $ 3.2 billion Benefits of Broadband Broadband effective May 12. The grant allows low-income families to register for a deduction of $ 50 per month on board work, or $ 75 per month for Tribal countries. It also offers a temporary discount of up to $ 100 for a PC or tablet at times.

To be eligible, one member of the family must have a small income (or less than 135 percent poverty), participate in SNAP, Medicaid or other support programs, or a few other mentioned Pano. The FCC says more than 825 Broadband participants are taking part in the program, but it is only temporary. Vendors will have to decide whether to continue accepting the offer when they are notified that the discount is over.

The FCC has also announced that it has set aside $ 7.17 billion Emergency Support System. This will enable schools and libraries to purchase PCs and tablets, WiFi-enabled facilities and broadband connections for students, staff and library users during the COVID-19 epidemic. The program will take advantage of what is already available in the E-Rate program, and as part of its implementation, the FCC has established rules on appropriate equipment, services, facilities and much more.

“Between the Emergency Connectivity Fund Program and the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, we are spending more than $ 10 billion on American students and families,” FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement. “The money will help more Americans access online education, medical care and employment. It will help address the problem of student homework around the world.”

The FCC also said that up to 17 million U.S. children do not have access to the necessary Broadbands to study far away, especially during the epidemic. It’s “far from black communities, low-income families, ethnic and rural areas,” he wrote counselors who support this policy.

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