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‘Fall of Babylon’ triggers a merger with PlatinumGames

The last time we saw it The fall of Babylon, it looks like a game show for third parties. Much has not changed, but what we do know now about the game is that it will become the online theme. Mu The fall of Babylon, you create a form and have three other players to take on different prisons. At the end of each, you will find items and tools that you can use to develop your personality.

Among other things, PlatinumGames says it plans to set up new player-friendly platforms to expand its capabilities. Initially, they have been five different weapons for players to use. Your character can carry two weapons, one in each hand. Gideon Coffin, an object carried by a man behind them, can help you bring other weapons into battle and use them independently in your possession. So when you say you want to make a strong warrior, you can prepare four hammers to crush all your enemies, or mix them up to win a good fighter.

The fall of Babylon does not have a release date yet, but from today, you can sign up to participate in the upcoming beta. Square will free The fall of Babylon lighting PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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