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Facebook will ask users ‘bad experiences’ in the News Feed


Facebook is still trying to figure out how to set up a News feed, and is planning to start asking users what brand they want to see. For the next few months, the company will start in the content of their articles, including whether political affiliation leads to “bad experiences”.

“More and more, we are hearing comments from people that they are seeing a lot of politics as well as a wide variety of posts and comments that are disrupting their News Feed experience,” Facebook wrote in a blog post. “We will work to better understand the implications of these challenges.”

The company will also check users if they find what is “inspiring” as well as users in their interest choices on other topics, such as cooking, sports and politics. Its purpose, Facebook says, is to help users change the way they view News Feeds. But on a larger scale, it also means dealing with the criticism that algorithms that control News Feed are causing people to become frustrated or give up. .


At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg says he wants to reduce the amount of politics in the entire News Feed. “People don’t want politics and fighting to get what they want,” Zuckerberg said in January. Personally, Facebook already exists Solutions for political positions from News Feed.

In addition to the survey, Facebook is testing another tool to help users adjust what they see with an “x” button that will hide the post in the News Feed. This function already allows users to hide scripts, but the option is placed under the “…” menu, most people will not know it exists.

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