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Facebook no longer removes claims that COVID-19 was ‘man-made’

To say that COVID-19 was ‘man-made’ does not mean deleting your post with Facebook. The social networking site has changed its default behavior and no longer removes claims that COVID-19 was made in a lab or manufactured by the government.

Change, at first Politics, comes as President Joe Biden ordered a new investigation into the causes of the epidemic, including whether the epidemic was “caused by the presence of an infected animal” or due to a laboratory risk. “I have now asked the Intelligence Community to intensify their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definite end,” President Biden said on Wednesday. .

The concept of a “workplace accident” has been discovered in recent weeks some scientists there is not enough evidence to prove it. Proponents of her theory say that the virus could have originated in the Wuhan lab where researchers studied coronaviruses. The World Health Organization, on which Facebook relied heavily for its development of its coronavirus, has said “All ideas remain open” although his researchers say the theory of the lab cannot be done.

All of this prompted Facebook to change its fake rules. In the past, the company has removed records claiming that the virus was “man-made,” made in a lab or a government-produced device. Now, Facebook is no longer removing the word – although some go further than the idea of ​​a “lab lab accident”.

“In the current analysis of COVID-19 research and in collaboration with health experts, we no longer exclude claims that COVID-19 was produced by humans from our applications,” a Facebook spokesman said. “We continue to work with health professionals to help change the epidemic and change our policies as new ones emerge.”

For Facebook, the change shows how COVID-19 has forced the company to face a new false record, and , way. In the early days of the epidemic, the company announced that it would play a key role in not only spreading lies about COVID-19, but also and what they say is dangerous. Since then, Facebook has removed millions of posts for spreading harmful propaganda, including false healing and more. .

While it wasn’t the first time Facebook’s fake rules have changed – the company has also changed its rules about it For example, recent changes have released some eyebrows and criticized the company not having to “test” those ideas in the first place.

But between mass media and new government research, the issue has come up “strongly,” even though scientists are still divided on the real question. It is therefore not surprising that Facebook may also want to provide users with an opportunity to discuss the issue.

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