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Facebook communicates the views of the enemy following the views of the Oversight Board


As a company we have done it several times before, Facebook has agreed to change one of its views following the Oversight Board’s decision. In response to the panel’s decision on a A video about two people in black, the company says it will also reduce the number of opinions of its members on hate speech in order to add to the reasons for preventing misconceptions. “We want our principles to be consistent, and we often do not publish ideas of any kind on our laws Community Information, “Facebook says. It feels like it’s now rethinking how it used to be.

The company plans to do a better job of informing people that they have broken its rules. This is something the Oversight Board has repeatedly come up with in making decisions. “We have advanced our knowledge of hate speech by using a method that can predict the type of hate speech that exists,” Facebook says.

As things stand, the company has sent updated notifications to English-speaking users which include text messaging related to what they can do. So if Facebook deletes what someone else has because of the blacklist, the message says the message was insulting. “We will continue to monitor and increase the knowledge of these languages ​​in the future,” the company said. It is also planning to release the same feature on Instagram sometime in the next few months and says it will continue to monitor the quality of its information.

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