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Facebook buys a studio on the ‘Crayta’ gaming platform

Unit 2 game now Facebook Games section. The developer is known Crayta, an integrated gaming platform built on Unreal Engine 4 which was launched as Stadia only last year. Facebook will take over the Unit 2 team and now it has its own expertise, although it doesn’t sound like fans are worried. Based on the company’s FAQs shipped on acquisition, the group does not cease to operate Crayta, and the game continues to be available.

If you do not know Crayta, is a platform that gives you an easy way to create your own game – or to create one with sponsors – even if you don’t know how to write. You can get other people to play your game and earn money from your experiments. Of course, you’ll be able to set boundaries and rules if you know how to write and already know how to play the game, but mastering the skills doesn’t have to start over. Facebook bought the company to “make the game easier to use,” in particular, and is planning to “integrate” Crayta’s a tool designed on Facebook Gaming’s cloud platform to instantly provide new experiences “on its page.

When the gaming platform arrived in Stadia last year, it became the starting point for the “state section”. The section section gives you the opportunity to jump in the header instantly as a friend or moderator you see via a simple link. Facebook has announced its findings that it is also doing a similar job and believes that this could improve things. He did not say how, but he wrote that “[t]the addition of Unit 2 Games and its production equipment will enhance and increase the speed. “

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