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Facebook Announces Listening Rooms, Live Club Clone


Monday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company’s entry into the social media platform. “We think the wording should also be a starting point,” Zuckerberg told reporter Casey Newton in an interview at Discord. “Every now and then comes a new weapon that can be received in different places,” Zuckerberg said. “I think that’s going to be the case with listening radio rooms.”

For the 600 in attendance, the confusion was huge. Live audio is not the “new way” platform when Newton interviewed a Facebook executive for five years, and said it was important $ 10 billion. The clubhouse, now one year old, was recently commended $ 4 billion. This fast-growing startup was well known by established platforms, which have set up or announced their live movies in recent months: Twitter Audio Spaces, Reddit Talk, even LinkedIn is doing the same job.

Facebook’s take on the concept is not new, but the lack of a start has been there no he stands the company kale. Soon, it will host its own Clubhouse competition, called Live Audio Rooms, where people can chat in real time. The company is experimenting with this initially on Facebook groups and with the general public, but said in a blog post On Monday he expects the rooms “to be available to everyone on the Facebook app in the summer.” It is planning to release audio recordings of its Messenger programming this summer.

Facebook is experimenting with audio chambers and plans to give manufacturers several ways to earn money on the platform.

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Facebook is also launching a number of other listening features: One with Soundbites, which Zuckerberg described as “sweet” listening-places – jokes, poems, nonsense, or anecdotes, which go to a similar meal. (Twitter introduced a similar shape last year; unsurprisingly, “sending voice with your voice” has not yet occurred.) China and Boombox, a partnership with Spotify share music. Facebook will also include a place to play and access podcasts from its main app.

The public audio team is already full, but Facebook comes with a competition. Facebook already has more than 2 billion users, giving it a chance to listen. The company’s successful marketing campaign means that it has a lot of resources and staff to drop this off soon, if its executives decide. Clubhouse, meanwhile, does not have an Android app here. And, the growth of Facebook alone does not guarantee success. Conversion and copying have become part of Facebook’s reading book, and this approach can sometimes pay off. When Instagram’s Instagram stole the news from Snapchat, users liked it; Reels’ reception, TikTok ripoff, has been mixed.


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