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Facebook AI can mimic word styles with a single word picture

Do you wish you could copy the notes or notes just by taking a picture? You can do that later. Facebook has it revealed AI research, TextStyleBrush, which prints graphic style by simply looking at a single model word. While previous AI can do this in less time, Facebook’s expertise is able to recognize posts in a wide range of colors and textures, even with limited features.

This technology acts as a brushing tool from voice recognition software, only used on graphics. While previous methods rely on alternatives such as typeface, Facebook’s method attempts to “distort” the word from the way it appears.


It is not enough, as you can see in the example above – it is clear that AI has intervened. Facebook has warned that its technology has some visual problems, such as metal or multitasking. Social networking sites share their work in a way that furthers other research.

The technology can be useful both inside and outside Facebook. The company considers this to be a distraction to try write down how to search for more downloadable tips. It can also be used to create characters that match what you have written, or to translate translations from images with a growing truth. As with deep-seated systems, then TextStyleBrush is a technology that may need to be carefully monitored for its benefit without opening the door to misuse.

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