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Facebook adds audio and mail to new newsletters to Messenger and Instagram

Facebook is launching several new ones and its software applications. Looking at the list, one of the newest features is the addition of inboxes that appear within Instagram. Just by looking at your checkbox, you will know if the person you just sent the message to has seen your DM, which makes it easier to find out if a friend or cyber bully is giving you a ghost. Good times.

Another important inbox feature is coming to Messenger. Facebook is adding a switch to maintain the interface to make hiding old chats easier. At the same time, the company made it very difficult to resume the same negotiations. There is no need to search for them. Instead, you will find them through the options you have by clicking on your image.


To begin with The clubhouse came right away, Facebook has been just adding listening functionality and programming, and it continues to this day. The next time you send a memo word to a friend on Messenger, you do not need to use the record button. Instead, all you have to do is click on the mic icon. Facebook says this feature will be back on Instagram soon.

Formal Response


Meanwhile, Instagram users on iOS (and more recently Android) are able to respond to photos and videos with their photos and prints. When we answer in this way, we mean you pull the message to the right to tell the person you are answering in the discussion section.

Star Wars head


I’m finding new stickers to celebrate Asian Culture Month in America. Finally, Facebook has added new chat topics in Messenger and Instagram. One is for all Star Wars fans out there, while the other is tied for the second season of Netflix’s Selena Quintanilla biopic. They all have bright and dark heads, and you go to them and dig into your conversations.

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