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Excellent homework is an essential office tool for graduates


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Once they celebrate what they have learned, your degree may be in a new job or internship, or they may be closer to new opportunities. If so, they may be looking for basic necessities that will enable them to work, even if they are traveling daily or writing at home. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment.

LARQ bottle PureVis


Carrying a recycled water bottle on your way is a good idea, but the most sensible thing is a self-cleaning bottle. The program of LARQ bottle PureVis claims to reduce up to 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria using UV-C light, which means that there will not be much odor in the recycling process. Either press the button up to start cleaning, or just wait; cleans itself once every two hours. The PureVis model also has heaters that can store liquids whether cold or hot.

If they don’t want to clean their bottle, however I have an Autoseal transit car it’s a cheaper way. It is large enough for many cups and has a stand-alone button that allows them to drink when the bottle is placed on the floor. As a bonus of coffee aficionados, Aeropress and a drop-off connector fits well, so you can drink your cup of joe in the jar.

Buy a PureVis Bottle at LARQ – $ 95Buy Contigo Autoseal Cups at Amazon – $ 16

Everlane redesign

The Everlane Transit Transfer Bag is worn over the shoulder along with the feminine type.


A good backpack is essential for travel, especially if your grad has to use their laptop every day. One of our favorites is Everlane Add a Travel Bag Thanks to the exterior, 15-inch computer jackets with a variety of inner and outer pockets. It also has two water bottle holders and a pass cable that attaches a rolling bag. Another plus is that it is made of 100% recycled polyester and has a water-resistant finish.

To choose a little, the method of Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Deluxe wallet Ideal if they want to carry more weapons. There is a fully equipped 17-inch laptop rear pocket and a large compartment for carrying adjustable clothes along with straps, jackets or a carry-on keyboard. There is also a side bag enough for a travel cup or a water bottle.

Buy a Renew Transit wallet in Everlane – $ 78Buy Authority Authority laptop bag – $ 129

Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q review

Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q review.


External monitoring is very important for those who work from home most of the time. Not only is it more ergonomically designed to search on a laptop all day, but external monitors also offer commercial views. We love it especially Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q thanks to a range of 4K graphics, flexible stairs and various ports that they can use to charge their laptop and other devices. It comes with an HDMI port, two USB-C ports, a DisplayPort, a 3.5-mm headset, and two USB-A ports. Another accessory that is extremely useful if it is designed for writing: the monitor can be rotated 90 degrees so that it can be used round and horizontally.

Buy the Ultrasharp U2720Q indicator at Dell – $ 559

Keychron K2

Keychron K2 headphone is a laptop.


In addition to external lighting, we also recommend external keyboard. If your gift is on a slot machine, one of our favorites is Keychron K2 because it is portable, advanced and comes in wireless and cordless options. Also compatible with both Mac and Windows. Editor-in-chief James Trew says it is fun typing, and it does not take up much space.

If the idea of ​​a slow-moving keyboard moves you along the wall, then a well-known keyboard runs at high speeds. In that case, we recommend Logitech K380 a multi-sensor electronic keyboard, which features audio and free keys. It can be used with three tools for use with your laptop or tablet if you wish. Its battery life should also be appreciated – it can last up to two years with several AAA batteries.

Buy Keychron K2 at Amazon – $ 79Buy Logitech K380 on Amazon – $ 40

Anchor 10-port capital

Anker 10 port with large fingertips installed, close to the phone and laptop.


Most laptops only come with a few USB ports, which is not good if your unit needs to charge several devices at a time or if they have a lot of extras. If so, we recommend Anker 10-port 60W USB 3.0 capital, which has seven USB-A 3.0 ports and three 12-watt power ports provided for charging. It features an Anker PowerIQ technology, which promises to speed up to 2.1 amps at the port. The device is compact and compact so it won’t take up too much space.

Buy Anker 10-port USB at Amazon – $ 53

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Logitech MX Everywhere 3 sits on top of the notebook near the glasses and tablet.


Another smart addition to your WFH setup is a wireless mouse like Logitech MX Anywhere 3. Not only is it smaller and smaller, but it also has customizable buttons that can make shortcuts for software in Chrome, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. You can also set up a map to adjust the cameras and mic when chatting on videos in Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The wheel can be used to rotate or rotate parts, and the latter is especially true for those who work in Excel or Google Sheets often. Another feature is the Darkfield 4000-DPI technology, which allows them to track anything, including glasses.

Buy Logitech MX Anywhere 3 on Amazon – $ 80

Logitech C920S Pro

The Logitech C920S Pro cameras are on top of the monitor.


In the generation of Zoom phones and Google Meet video conferencing, webcams have become a staple. New graduates, like most of us, probably rely on their built-in camera so far, but this won’t be short if you watch a video several times a day and want to look good while doing this. External cameras can make all the difference – ours dear then Logitech C920s Pro HD Cameras thanks to its 1080P video, autofocus capability is a fairly clean switch. It also has a large section of 78 degrees including a lens cover that can protect your privacy if not used. On top of that, it has a solid microphone, and you can adjust settings such as autofocus, brightness and contrast via the Logitech Camera Settings app.

Buy C920s Pro HD at Logitech – $ 70

Jabra Elite 85t

The Jabra Elite 85t is a fine that has been placed on top of magazines on paper.


Another thing you need to have to go in peace with good ears. One of our favorites is Jabra Elite 85t due to the strong noise emission and the ability to change the volume of the surrounding sound. It also comes with six settings but you can adjust the EQ parameters as you like. Plus, it comes with MySound voice tests that will fulfill your listening needs.

It has a design that is simple and easy to integrate with wireless devices, so you can easily charge it by simply placing it on a QI-approved pad. A carry-on icon in the latest version is now on the front, so you can see when you open and close the bag, which makes it easy to see the amount of water.

But for strong Apple fans, think about it Apple AirPods Pro on the contrary. It also has bass deeper than the original AirPod plus it also has a stronger noise output. Drawing AirPods Pro with iPhone is very easy; just open the account, and it can be connected instantly without having to go through any of the high-density Bluetooth devices. The new AirPods Pro is also water resistant, which means your grad is free to sweat without worrying about damage.

Buy Jabra Elite 85t at Best Buy – $ 229Buy AirPods Pro on Amazon – $ 249

Travel card

Travelcard charger.

Travel card

If your grad is always going, a portable electric bank is a must have. We recommend Travelcard Charger as it is small enough to fit in their pocket and at 1,500 mAh, it is powerful enough to give their phone support when it seems to be running low. There is a built-in USB-A cable and you can buy it in Lightning mode, Micro-USB or USB-C depending on the connection their phone has. No, it doesn’t pay for their phone from zero to full, but Travelcard will provide enough power to call Uber or call a friend, who could be a life saver.

Buy a Travelcard – $ 29

Warby Parker Glasses

Warby Parker Glasses

Warby Parker

Glass glasses may not be necessary, but on brighter days, your part will be more appreciative of having a pear. If you give it to them a gift card from Warby Parker, are able to choose their preferences and even “almost” test them using an AR-enabled program. Alternatively, Warby Parker also offers home testing program where they give up to five pairs to try to find the one that is most appropriate. Additionally, if their city has a Warby Parker brick and mortar store, it’s easy to get rid of unwanted pairs that way.

Buy a Warby Parker gift card starting at $ 50


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