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Your proud student has dropped out of school and is no longer able to enter the small dormitory, which is why they may want to expand their game. While it’s still hard and expensive to get a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S or Nintendo switch, you don’t have to spend many hours refreshing the pages of retailers or spend hundreds to get the best gaming prizes. Why not start small and upgrade their game equipment first? You can upgrade any game of choice with weapons and other responsibilities, regardless of whether they like PC, console or mobile games.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2


Since your grad isn’t always writing more papers (we hope), you can now create a game keyboard for them instead of writing. Corsair has made us many loved ones, and K70 it hits that sweet spot in terms of shape and price – gamers will find a solid place to record, audio keys and other media buttons at the top to stream their music. If you order from the Corsair page you have a wide range of colors, or you can save a small amount based on the MX Speed ​​(our preferred type) $ 140 for Best Buy. And it is better to write a paper and start over.

Buy Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 at Best Buy – $ 140

Logitech G915 TKL

Logitech G917 TKL game keyboard displayed in two colors: gray / white and graphite / black.


If your child has returned home or a small cottage he may want to remove their play equipment from the desk and go to bed or couch. In this case we recommend a wireless type Logitech G915 TKL. Obviously, it offers sacrifices on the right side, but it still has a lot to do with flexibility and sturdy design that can easily relax the legs. The integrated receiver ensures a solid rock connection, and lowers the inside of the G915 to prevent loss. The keyboard also works with Bluetooth, so this is a platform that an adult can leave in his pocket to work or play while walking.

Buy Logitech G915 TKL at Amazon – $ 230

Death of RazerAdder V2

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is featured on the front of the front, but in the factories wearing the top is the word V2.


Chances are that alumni may want to have time to get all the games they didn’t have time to do in college, and because of this they will probably need a game mouse that can deal with a variety of colors. The most recent type of Razer’s DeathAdder mouse Ideal for most manual measurements, the 20,000-dpi sensor can be adjusted on the fly and the buttons that would be needed for most games are available – all for $ 70. .

Buy DeathAdder V2 at Amazon – $ 70

Logitech G305

Logitech G305 demonstrated in four colors.


The program of G305 is a sturdy mouse that is available in four different and intricate colors to be able to be combined with a variety of game modes. But the wireless accessory doesn’t just take shape, thanks to 12,000 dpi and 1ms its report. The receiver stays inside the mouse for easy navigation, and uses a single AA battery that can last up to nine months before it needs to be replaced. Combine this with other Litepeed Logitech tools such as the G733 head and the G915 keyboard for better color combination.

Buy Logitech C305 at B&H Photo – $ 40

Logitech G733

Logitech G733 smartphones featured in four colors.


Buy this headband sticker thanks to its bright plastic colors and clear lighting, but have a headband that is easy to use and very comfortable for long walks. It fits snugly on the big heads while still slightly resting on the small legs thanks to the elastic band, which can be adjusted by the various colors available on each $ 10 Logitech page. The company also sells mic pop filters in a variety of fun formats. This is one of the most expensive gadgets you can buy right now, and it goes well with other items in the Logitech list.

Buy the Logitech G733 at Amazon – $ 130

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

IronSeries Arctis 1 Headphones play wireless on the wash and blue table from the window.


You don’t have to play PC or PlayStation or Xbox games to enjoy high-quality audio. Thanks to the USB-C dongle, the Arctis 1 Wireless can work with Nintendo switchch or switchch Lite, along with Android phone. And yes, your grad can also put it in a PlayStation 4 or 5, as well as any laptop with a USB-C port. (Xbox dongle is for sale separately.) This is a $ 100 worth of headband, with no audio or mic-type tradeoffs.

Buy SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless on Amazon – $ 97

Logitech StreamCam stream

Logitech StreamCam.


In the course of frequent video shows and live broadcasts, we have all found ourselves changing the frequency between devices and forms – visuals on your Zoom screen, photo when on the phone – and various videos. Logitech StreamCam it is built for all, circulating from one movie to another easily. In this way, your grad can use the same camera on YouTube photos as they can on Facebook and Instagram Live, saving time and money on their experimental work.

Buy Logitech Streamcam on Amazon – $ 170

Blue Yeti Nano

Blue Yeti Nano microphone sitting outside next to a laptop.

Blue Microphone

Headphone jacks have evolved over the years, making them more accessible for video chat and more recent podcasts. But if your department wants to know more about design it is best to invest in a USB mic for clear voice. We encourage all major brands or Pro Yeti to work regularly and professionally, but only for those who are just starting out or acting as “fun” Nano it’s an inexpensive way to dip your finger in water.

Buy the Yeti Nano on Amazon – $ 100

Logitech G333

The player sits in front of the computer wearing headphones in the ear of the Logitech G333.


Just because you go does not mean you have to give up music. A number of companies have begun developing audio capabilities, especially for mobile phones, with clearer graphics and clearer voice. Logitech G333 attracts attention especially at low cost and color selection. Of course, it’s not wireless, but when your gift is playing around Four men, thank you for the endless words.

Buy Logitech G333 at Best Buy – $ 50

Otterbox Game Cases

The front and back of the phone are located on one of the Otterbox Games consoles.


Teens spend a lot of money on smartphones to play games and take pictures with, so why not defend their money with debt? But not in any case – these hardy blacks Types of Otterbox are antimicrobials and are designed to be used, suitable for handling your oily, sweaty hands. They have several versions of the iPhone and Samsung S21 + Samsung, so their high-end smartphones can look great on the day they are purchased.

Buy racing games on Otterbox – $ 55

8BitDo Pro 2

Both hands have an 8BitDo Pro 2 game controller on a computer screen, while video games are displayed on the screen.


Sometimes the controllers don’t just cut it, but finding the right pads instead can be expensive – unless you lose the 8BitDo version. Not only the files a New Pro 2 buy a good cheap site for under $ 50, but it can work with a variety of platforms, including switches, Android, Windows and macOS. I also make major changes, allowing your maps to place the map as they wish and changing the interest of fingerprints and triggers. And, thanks to the wide variety of colors, you can choose the one that would go well with their game setup.

Buy 8Bitdo Pro 2 on Amazon – $ 50

Video games

A prerecorded gift for showing four games on a TV show.

Effects of Tetris

With the school behind them, graduates will need to take some time to get some rest, so is it better than spending a portion of a well-known sport? Colors, music and animation in Effects of Tetris will take them to the extreme, where the temporary run of colors and new shapes as a “Zone” shape will make things fun. Your grad can also provide access to PlayStation VR if they want to be immersed, although Xbox users can join Effects of Tetris fun because of ConnectionNew alliances and competitive strategies.

Buy Tetris Effects on Amazon – $ 30

Stardew Valley

While your grad tires are busy with the latest trends Crossing the Animal events, why not include them in a game that only progresses when they open? Stardew Valley he has many activities – farming, mining, livestock and even dating (and marrying) the community. But time passes Stardew Valley when they are playing, that is why they will wait patiently for them even though their after-year college life is very busy.

Buy Stardew Valley in Amazon – $ 15

Drunk! All You Can Eat

If your degree starts remembering group work at school or work, you can bring them back down with this integrated cooking games which requires two or four players to work together in the kitchen to prepare a meal. I’m tired and there will be a lot of crying … which could be in preparation for future projects that they can think of.

Buy Cooking! All You Can Eat On Amazon – $ 40

Just start 2021

With the school behind them, it is easy for some graduates to have only scars on the bed, so why not encourage them to do more with Just start 2021 of Switch, Xbox or PlayStation. Each new genre features new songs as well as high-quality melodies, and adults sweat as they play. If you are tired of the built-in music list you can re-subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited, which gives you access to almost all of Just Dance’s previous music tracks for the past 12 years.

Buy Just Dance 2021 on Amazon – $ 50


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