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Excellent camera and gift photography for men

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If your dad decides to play his new game, your cell phone will probably not be enough. Some may need a game camera to record their activities while others may need a glass-free camera to take pictures of family, videos, or photography. Thanks to advanced technology, they continue to get better and faster speeds, sharper video and autofocus. We have found five excellent business models ranging from $ 350 to $ 2,500, as well as other support tools that an older person already has.

GoPro Hero9 Black action cam


If your dad can play in their game instead of just watching TV, a Hero 9 Black and the camera they need. It looks like the old black Hero 8 in a number of ways, especially in addition to the front camera. This makes it very easy to make your own mountain bikes, skirts and more. GoPro also released 20-megapixel graphics and 5K 30fps (or 4K 60 fps) video, which gives your dad more choice, setting and less. In the meantime, it has upgraded some popular hardware such as Hypersmooth 3.0, while improving battery life. Best of all, it could be your $ 350 and a one-year GoPro subscription – a discount of $ 50 at a fixed price without registration.

Buy the Hero9 black bundle at GoPro – $ 350


An item from Engadget 2021 Father's Day gift book: Canon EOS M200


So your dad is starting to draw? The access camera is a good way to start, and very good there Canon for EOS M200. With a 24-megapixel camera and beautiful Canon colors, it offers excellent images. It is also easy to draw due to the visual appearance of smartphones, the speed of autofocus speed and the well-known functionality. They will also be able to shoot 4K 24p video (even after planting 1.6 times), as well as a full 1080p-sensor at 60 fps. And it is available at a much lower price than other glassless cameras at $ 549, packed with EF-M 15-45mm lenses.

Buy Canon EOS M200 at B&H Photo – $ 549

Sony A6100

An item from Engadget 2021 Father's Day gift book: Sony A6100


Sony cameras often offer the best gifts and the best price right now is Products. It features advanced navigation and tracking of humans and animals, ensuring your shooting, even if you have a running training. Sony has also changed the color of science and low light, so family photos will be more accurate and accurate, even in slightly brighter areas. The problem is that bad drivers can cause video crashes as well as low-cost electronic viewing. However, the $ 748 (body only) A6100 is the best mirrorless mirror at its price.

Buy a Sony A6100 at B&H Photo – $ 748

Fujifilm X-T4

An item from Engadget Father's Day gift book 2021: Fujifilm X-T4


X-T4 of Fujifilm is the best seed information camera on the market, making it a great gift for any lucky dad. It is very good on the X-T3 and enhances physical stability and a clear appearance. At the same time, it has excellent APS-C camera footage, with sharp 4K video up to 60 fps, as well as 1080p at 240 fps. But autofocus, based on the perception of the eye, is good but not the standard of Sony standards. And while hand-crafted handicrafts are well cared for, they are much smaller than before. It’s not cheap at $ 1,700, but it can be stand alone against the most expensive cameras.

Buy Fujifilm X-T4 at B&H Photo – $ 1,699


An item from Engadget Father's Day gift book 2021: Canon EOS R6


For men who can’t choose between photos and video, Canon for EOS-R6 he does all things well. The 20-megapixel camera is not as compact as its competitors, but it offers controls such as body stabilization and accurate and accurate Dual Pixel autofocus for videos and photos, as well as sharp 4K video up to 60 fps. blinds who may embellish your father’s education (you, perhaps). It suffers from heat and video problems, but this is what can affect the pros that shoot for a while. Overall, at the moment we are choosing the best under $ 2,500.

Buy Canon EOS R6 at Amazon – $ 2,499


An item from Engadget Father's Day gift book 2021: DJI OM4


Stable cell phones are fine, but nothing rises above the gimbal in search of a shot. The best work out for mobile phones is DJ4’s OM4, good for your dad if he gets tired of a steady shot. While previous models use a clamp, this type uses a magnetic mount system that makes connecting your phone faster and easier. It also adds new features like “zoom switch” and a “spin shot” that can give your dad new moves. Like other DJI gimbals, it is efficient, reliable and has a solid program that is easy to use. It’s also cheap: You can get one and grab three for $ 149.

Buy DJI OM4 at Amaozn – $ 149

Peak Design Daily Messenger

An item from Engadget Father's Day gift book 2021: Peak Daily Day Messenger


With its robust, practical design, Peak Design’s Daily Messenger Messenger Bag it is a great gift for active fathers or photographers. They are built with a light waterproof waterproof 100% water-repellent 400D water cooler and smart Flexfold dividers located in storage areas. It also offers two closed pockets, two lock pockets and a large compartment for a 13- to 15-inch laptop. I have my own and I find it useful for day-to-day work, which allows me to have a camera, lens and a laptop along with my wallet and keys. At $ 220 isn’t the cheapest bag out there, but your dad won’t buy another one for a while.

Buy Daily Agent at Peak Designs – $ 220

Magnus VT-4000 three legs

An item from Engadget Father's Day gift book 2021: Magnus VT-4000


For movie lovers, Large, VT 4000 is the best way to manage your budget. It is strong enough to handle a camera without glasses and objects weighing up to 8.8 pounds, more than the weight of eight pounds. The lack of a heft makes it ideal for walking, while a fluid head helps you navigate smoothly and evenly. Some of the features include a medium-sized publisher to keep things strong and legs up to 64 inches so you can match what you are learning. It all comes in for $ 160, a relative steals speculation about the brand.

Buy Magnus VT-4000 at B&H Photo – $ 160

Joby GorillaPod 3K mini triple

Excerpt from Engadget 2021 for Father's Day book: Job Gorillapod


The most important tool outside of the intruders is Joby’s famous mini-tripods, and the best for the money is GorillaPod 3K. Installing your camera may not be easy due to the constant security of having a built-in level. The switch allows you to place your camera anywhere to shoot, or wrap it around a tree or something. And, of course, you can turn them on to fit and follow your shot, to get started. With $ 45 at Amazon right now, the cost of buying such a movable device.

Buy Joby GorillaPod 3K at Amazon – $ 85

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card (64GB)

An item from Engadget 2021 Father's Day gift book: SanDisk Extreme Pro


Men who love cameras may not get enough memory cards, but they can be a great gift. One of the best ways to choose a budget is SanDisk SD cards ExtremePro UHS-I. While they do not offer high quality 300 MB / s UHS-II cards, they are very cheap, and the speed of 90 MB / s read / write is sufficient for most types of drawing and video. In addition, you can transfer files at speeds up to 170 MB / s with authorized readers, and SanDisk is known for producing reliable cards. SanDisk comes in all budget variants, with 256GB type in the best location for only $ 60. If more, the 128GB type is $ 33 and the 64GB type is only $ 18.

Buy a SanDisk Extreme Pro card (64GB) from Amazon – $ 25

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