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Everything Apple announced in its keynote address at WWDC 2021

As a summary of the WWDC last year, the event took place almost entirely as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. So far, the company is unveiling global updates, including iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and MacOS Monterey. Other popular announcements include Siri coming to other devices, Apple Home keys allow you to unlock your door and your iPhone and Universal Control allows you to access Macs and iPads.

iOS 15


The headline of what happened today was real iOS 15 and all the new things that can bring. One of the highlights is a better FaceTime that will feature intermediate voice, voice isolation and viewing a new grid. There will also be FaceTime Links that can help you customize phones even with people on Android and Windows 10 PCs. Among them is a Portrait feature that could tarnish your reputation with a SharePlay feature that would allow you and others to watch or listen to the same TV program, video or music instantly.

The program of Messages the app also gets a number of updates, such as the “Shared with You” section which will check the contents of the message thread. This will work with photos, stories in the Apple News app as well as lists and shows on Apple Music and Apple TV.

There are new Focus features that allow you to customize your device with your current ideas; so when you are in “work”, it just shows you work-related programs. The other side is the Focus concept, which brings other colors depending on where you are. For example, you could have a fitness routine at a gym.

Other features include a new template, Live Text interface that can take pictures in photos, a new Weather-Res app and Wallet supporting IDs. Apple Maps It also offers more information, custom-made signs, night-time visuals, detailed driver routes, a highly customizable approach and 3D and AR navigation. Apple has also announced that it is online extensions for Safari on iPad and iPhone.

Apple Airpods and other audio recorders

AirPods pro


With the exception of the new OSes, Apple has also announced that AirPods Pro will now be acquiring “It Is Exhortable to Talk” which acts as hearing aids for those with “hearing loss.” On top of that, they’ve also got a new “Announcement Notification” option that can be compatible with the aforementioned Focus in iOS 15. It reads start-up notifications, publishing items like a shopping list, and much more.

It has a good connection to the Find My app, and will let you know if you have left your AirPods behind. Apple adds again A place of some kind of support of AirPods Pro and AirPods Max on Apple TV, which is a major overhaul of headphones. Finally, Apple is adding Dolby Atmos to Apple Music.

iPad 15

iPad 15


New iPad Os features the same themes from iOS 15, but on larger versions. One of the major changes is that the app library is now available on the iPad, and built into the port. You can easily edit pages and there is a list of many features that will allow you to display the whole program, split or drop.

You can also scroll up from the bottom to see the new “shelf” that shows all the windows of the program. Additional features include the ability for @ to send someone shared messages and use hashtags to edit them. There is also a tool called Quick Note, which allows you to swim from the corner of the screen with an Apple Pencil to quickly write a letter.

Apple’s privacy updates and Siri recognition on devices

Apple's privacy policy


With iOS 15, Siri voice recognition can happen on the device, which allows it to work without WiFi or data connection, and also helps to deal with privacy issues. Other privacy settings include “Data Privacy Protection” which hides the users’ IP addresses and location, as well as avoids applications that track whether a message has been opened or not. There is also a secret to my Email page that would allow users to share email addresses if they want their emails to be private.

The company has also released confidential reports for this app which may give you an idea of ​​how other applications are using your information. It will show more details as each app uses location, camera, microphone and much more.

MacOS Monterey

Natural Rulership


One of the biggest things on MacOS Monterey and Natural Rulership, Apple’s Continuity upgrade which gives you access to the keyboard and mouse across Macs and iPads. The unique thing here is that the sensors detect the location so that you can simply move your cursor without telling the computers where they are. According to Apple, all upgrade functions take place within the OS.

Some of the features include AirPlay for Mac, smaller tabs and newer groups in Safari, as well as the ability to create your own shortcuts.

watchOS 8

watchOS 8


What’s coming watchOS 8 It will feature new ideas, including guided meditation and other sleep-related exercises such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels and breathing. Apple is adding Tai Chi and Pilates exercises to its workout program. In addition, the Fitness + project is now producing a workout led by Jeanette Jenkins, in addition to a workout for “artists.”

A few health-related features include a new Portraits feature with Portrait images – an easy way to respond to Messages via Scribble mode and Digital Crown. You can reply even now to a message with a gif. Some of the features include supporting multiple timers, Assistive Touch to use one hand Watch, updates Find My Items and much more.

Apple Health

Apple Health


In addition to creating a new and healthier look at watchOS, the company added some new features Health software. You can share your health with doctors and relatives, which makes it easier to take care of the health of the elderly in your family.

Another important new feature is Walking Stability, which follows a change in performance and monitoring that illuminates your fall risk. This app will let you and your contacts know if there is a risk of falling. Finally, there is a new Trends that can address how your life can be temporarily spent on a variety of platforms.

HomeKit updates

Home Keys


You can use your iPhone and Apple Watch as a car key, but iOS 15 allows you to use it on your own In Our Home you too, as long as you have a smart lock. You can also control tvOS using voice prompts with the HomePod tool. TVOS will have a new Share Line, featuring what your peers are promoting. Lastly, Apple is one too opening Siri for a third party HomeKit manufacturers for the first time, which means you will be able to use Siri tools like Ecobee thermostat.

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