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Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021: iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, AirPods Update

For centuries, the iPad has been a popular tool for the creative, artistic, video editing, and voice processing applications. But for the so-called professionals — people who spend most of their days writing emails and working documents — the iPad has never been a place of employment, with half-changeable cooking utensils and more tools. This is what we have seen recently review of the new iPad Pro. Today, Apple showed that it is working to rectify the shortcomings.

With the next update, iPadOS will get a list of features that appear at the top of the screen. With a small menu, you can run apps on all windows, create a split interface with multiple apps, or downgrade windows to the screen to customize your visuals, all with one or two tapes. Switching between apps in a split mode is great, and is accomplished with a few swipes. This will also soon help with the keyboard – useful for professionals who combine their iPad with Smart Keyboard for use as a laptop.

Other updates: The Notes app is highly compatible, with the ability to see the latest updates, as well as the ability to share a sharing document with your friends. The widgets find updates in the iPadOS, equipped with great features, and new features that make it easy to customize and edit widgets on the screen. The Translation app is also recommended for the iPad, with the addition of a dictionary for all your apps, web pages, Messages — anything for that matter. Something very special: You can use the Translator to write manually with Apple Pencil, so if you want to smoke your Japanese kanji, here is your gun.

WatchOS 8

New health features and other photo enhancements have gone to the Apple Watch.

Photo: Apple

Your frequent roommate, Apple Watch, won’t turn your back on you and tell you to put your head between your knees when you’re scared. But it is trying be still and other new meditations. Now the Breathe program has a lot of animation. The new Reflect show feeds you on what you feel is good for you, such as being grateful for something you love, or reminding yourself of something that makes you happy (bullets!). The sleep tracking system introduced at watchOS last year now has new ways to measure various sleep goals, such as measuring your breathing.

Continuing to meditate, Apple Fitness + job now includes a tie-on exercise to reduce stress, as well as a graphic design experiment from artists like Keith Urban who are supposed to develop users. The famous new trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, has also joined the gym as another attraction.

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