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Everything Apple Announced, April 2021: New iMacs, iPads, AirTags


The iPad Pro now uses the same M1 processor as the latest Macs. This makes the tablets a very high-end upgrade: the CPU is 50% faster than last year’s iPad Pro, and 40% faster graphics, according to Apple. Another major change is the adoption of the larger 12.9-inch color, which now uses Mini-LED technology for LCD display lights. Apple is importing Liquid Retina XDR as it tries to match the color from its Pro Display XDR reviews (read: better contrast, colors, and brightness).

Be sure to read it our whole rundown new iPad Pro.

The USB-C port on all versions of the iPad Pro now supports Thunderbolt, so you can connect your iPad to multiple monitors or storage devices, and the connecting port speeds up data transfer. There’s also the opportunity to add 5G connectivity to your iPad Pro so you can get instant internet access in the park, at Uber, and on the boat. Basically, Apple took the page off Facebook page: The new iPad Pro selfie camera has many features so it can show you and follow you when you play videos, making sure you don’t leave the frame.

The 11-incher starts at $ 799, and the 12.9-inch version starts at $ 1,099. Initiation starts on April 30, and pills will be shipped in May.

Apple TV 4K

The new distance allows for some new experiments.

Photo: Apple

The Apple TV 4K is equipped with an attractive display, which relies heavily on additional speed from the new A12 Bionic chip inside. The new silicon allows for high-quality HDR-ideal for sports fans and for those who shoot 5K at 60 frames per minute. iPhone 12 Pro.

The small box that connects to your TV looks the same but now comes with 100-hundred-recycled-aluminum remote that has been completely redesigned. A simple, unobtrusive pad sits in the middle of the silver-clad, with all the new power and silent buttons, and an iPhone screen display on the side.

The most exciting feature of the new Apple TV 4K cinephiles is the unique color-coding combination that integrates your iPhone with 4K TVs, allowing you to use your camera to ensure your TV is well-matched to the screen, thus making more complex menus on modern TVs. Time will tell how this works, but it looks very similar to the EZCal app (available on iPhone and Galaxy phones) Samsung announced at CES in January.


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