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Every Dogecoin has a Musk Day Saturday Live Live

The Elon Musk star is a guest at Saturday Night Live was no one in the history of nearly 50 years of the American American show. Even before he tried to laugh, Musk’s appearance helped raise the value of cryptocurrency currency which started as a joke.

The name is dogecoin – courtesy of the Shiba Inu dog. Developed in 2013 by two experts who are laughing at the noise surrounding the cryptocurrency, it has attracted a lot of money, reaching the northern markets for $ 90bn at various times on Friday and Saturday, according to a CoinMarketCap website.

Tens of a billions of dollars in value was added a few days ago Saturday Night Live, Demonstrating hopes that watching a pinch on television or shaking the head from Dogecoin’s friends Tesla CEO would encourage his followers to buy more. Musk appeared to be promoting a passionate attitude, making fun of his appearance with tweets including last month which he said: “Dogefather / SNL May 8.”

Musk, who took another name for “Tesla Test” this year, he also presented his crown in earnest to dogecoin faithful Saturday night. When he opened the monologue, he released his mother Maye and after exchanging fun, he started doing business.

“I’m so excited for Mother’s Day gift,” she said, speaking a few minutes before the American festival begins on Sunday, a time in the east. “I hope it’s not Dogecoin.”

“It is,” replied Musk, smiling broadly. “Yes.”

The dogecoin issue escalated when Musk returned as a bowling expert “Lloyd Ostertag” during the SNL crisis Weekly Changes section.

“Call me Dogefather,” he said on arrival, recalling Musk’s recent tweet, before being asked by anchor Michael Che to comment on cryptocurrensets.

“It’s a kind of digital currency. But instead of being controlled by a central government, it is distributed, using blockchain technology,” Musk / Ostertag said. “And recently prices have been rising in cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum especially dogecoin.”

Then it started to get difficult. At least six times, in addition to my interest, the anchor asked Musk / Ostertag: “What is Dogecoin?” After giving a variety of answers, including calling it a “non-stop car that is taking over the world”, he said: “I tell you, it’s a cryptocurrency that you can sell for ordinary money.”

“Then, it’s a commotion?” asked Che.

“Yes, it’s a riot,” Musk / Ostertag said in a desperate tone, before announcing: “On the moon!”

The hashtag #dogetothemoon was taking place on Twitter in anticipation of Musk’s appearance. But the price of dogecoin fell sharply during the SNL announcement. By just a few hours on Sunday – the worst time in the financial world – the price of dogecoin had dropped by nearly a quarter to take its stock market below $ 70bn, according to CoinMarketCap.

The Dogefather had appeared, as he had promised, but it was difficult to know what to say in his words. With a tongue-in-cheek tongue, he got his audience to think about why one of the richest people in the world would want to laugh on television about a comedy that could benefit and lose billions of dollars in value in a matter of days.

“Look, I know that sometimes I say or post strange things, but that’s how my brain works,” Musk said during his monologue. “To everyone who’s upset, I’m just saying I’ve restored the electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars in a rocket ship. Do you think I’ll ever be scared, normal again?”

Musk laughed, and the audience laughed. Whether the dogecoin depositors will also add the same excitement to see.

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