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Evercade VS is the home of a retro console collector.

Bbetween 2016 and 2019, retro games had a moment. I mean another minutes. One specific where the biggest variants of all “mini” games are most comforting. NES? Yes. SNES? Zedi. Genesis? You are betting. And, of course, Sony, SNK, Konami and even Commodore (Sorta) re-entered the movement.

Then there was Evercade in 2020 – a refreshing contrast to the new – but old-fashioned ideas. Instead of vintage hardware “mini”, it was in the new hands that took the cartridges. Each cartridge had a list of top games from different manufacturers. I was so happy when I repeated it.

The idea of ​​games that could be limitless through real cartridges was smart and bold. (Retro players are less well-known for paying for titles, especially the smaller “gemstones” that Evercade was able to give a license to. Home console version. She has reached the end and is bringing a number of interesting things to her brother-in-law.

The Evercade VS (as $ 99 is referred to) shares the same cartridge form as a handheld device, so you won’t have to buy anything. Instead, you can play one game, save your game and take another one (as you might expect, to be fair). It is worth noting that the two roles (both of Namco) are only related to the handset because of the licenses.

James Trew / Engadget

There are also other benefits to the home-based console, too. Especially multiplayer support (up to four players where the game is supported), WiFi on air switch and new jazzy interface. Oh, and the VS can have two cartridges at the same time, meaning you can either be working on one game and leaving it there to play another, or just having multiple games to choose from on your computer at any time – quickly provided. that any cartridge Evercade offers is multicart. The tires can also get very hot so you don’t have to restart the machine, just install a new one and go.

As with the new wave of retro home consoles, the VS is smaller and lighter. To make matters worse, you will want to make sure that your HDMI cable is compact, otherwise it will remove the VS from the floor or pull it to the back of your TV. The good news is that almost every USB port will be booted. My unpowered seven-year-old LG TV can easily run VS through its USB ports, meaning I don’t have to have any more space.

VS looks like a direct relative of the original Evercade with the same white and red accents as the occasional gray lines on the buttons. Slow touch is a NES “flap” shape that covers the cartridge holes. This means you don’t have the old school vibe with the cartridge out on top, but your game stays hidden from the stuff. But respecting the comforts of the past like this seems to be important to fans of the classics. It’s amazing many issues. Even if it is a difficult ritual to get out of bed to change the game or stop it. Nostalgia does not always have positive effects.

Turn on the VS up and you will be shown a list like Netflix for all the titles on the installed cartridge. A handheld, with a small screen, allows you to rotate each head one by one. Here, they were laid out in rows with all the drawings. Click and you will be given details of the game and its controls along with the opportunity to play (natural) or just from where you left off with your recent backups.

Evercade VS.


Evercade has tried to balance between modern and retro reality. Save states is a modern license but many other things – such as fraudulent codes or graphics on a game – do not exist. The same goes for looks and shapes. Under the settings, you have three display options: Original Hope, Pixel Perfect and Full Screen. It is always a good idea to have a choice as modern TVs are very different from the ones you may have attached to the original equipment.

You can, of course, add scanlines (if you need to). There are also options for a variety of topics and backgrounds, and more. But with all that being said, the menu is simpler and clearer and better.

When the handset was launched, the cartridge and game library was decent but modest. There were collections from major brands such as Atari, Namco and Interplay. This had classics like Pac-Man, The Eagle Jim and Images of Crystal Castles. Then there were the bundles from the new manufacturers that have taken different IPs over the years. These tend to have “hidden gems” like Piko Dragon View (Hard RPG first published by Kemco). Instead, the VS comes packed with two sets to go (one from Data East and one from Technos).

Along with the old and well-known gold mines there are some new 8- and 16-bit game groups. The result was that Evercade was the basis for a well-known retro genre with new and old titles side by side. Now, with Evercade VS, the company has added a new series of pre-painted (not red) starter collection. Here you will find button-mashers like The Second Dragon 2 and Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja to add to the library.

Evercade VS.

James Trew / Engadget

One interesting way in the menu is “Secret.” Here you will be asked to enter the code. The code / s content is, well, secret, but one might think it unlocks some extra games or content. On the same topic, there are hidden games on the console only a-la Snail Maze on Sega Master System.

And … there’s a lot of things to unlock, too. Evercade has reported that some cartridge components, when put together, open hidden heads. I was able to find two such secret games and cartridges that I have here, and there are many more. I can’t ruin things and say exactly how you get them, but the UI will let you know. It’s smart, though.

Each cartridge states how many games are in front, so if they all have 10, the UI can say 21. Then you may need to look at the back of the box to find the games on your list that are not valid. mentioned in the cartridge box. Thanks to the VS WiFi connection, this is something that can be expanded over time. Nice touch, fun though – especially for collectors.

Evercade VS.

James Trew / Engadget

One small nitpick can be a guide: Your miles can vary due to different physiology, but I don’t like it. Its design is comfortable and comfortable, but it doesn’t feel as ergonomic as a handheld or other accessory for me. Also the menu button in the game doubles as a pause button, which can be a bit confusing if, like me, you find yourself accessing Start.

On the plus side, there are now four buttons on the shoulder instead of the two handrails and the straps are long enough to reach most of the living rooms. You can, of course, use hands as an additional guide, but it is necessary real string – I tried the USB cable that came in the box and, no dice. That cable is about $ 10, while the other cable is about $ 20, so it is important that you calculate the profit before deciding which way to go. VS also supports any USB port, so if you have a favorite dorm, you can use it without retro authentication.

All in all, the Evercade VS is amazing. The model set by the cartridge will always be interesting to some and a hindrance to others. But for those who love needs and a good toy, the Evercade ecosystem makes it more than just a gimmick. With the latest wave of new indie games and making it possible for the platform to find itself a fun platform for new games. One where indie producers can not only be happy to see their game released, but to find a new audience, and that’s not a bad thing.

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