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Even the creator of Calibri is happy that Microsoft is moving forward

For about 15 Over the years, Calibri has ruled as a standout and is therefore the most popular choice in Microsoft. It appeared several times in unedited text, PowerPoint views, and Excel spreadsheets, which are received by the paralyzed. But now there is a new sans serif in town. Basically, five of them: Microsoft he announced that it wants to change Calibri as a non-font is one of five issues released this week.

It’s late, but Calibri’s creator, Lucas de Groot, isn’t ashamed to take a break from his show. “It’s a relief,” he says.

De Groot created Calibri in the early 2000s, as part of a well-read alphabet. “I made it so fast,” she says. “I already had the artwork, so I modified it and added round corners to make it look better.” For a long time, computer displays did not have enough pixels to be able to faithfully deliver all text; The rounded corners did not look like pillars but stairs. What changed in 2000 was Microsoft’s new technology ClearType, which implemented ideas for LCD displays and made the characters as simple as de Groot. The company loved Calibri enough to be consistent on Windows Vista in 2007.

Since then, Calibri has performed his duties with the utmost humility. She has never been a model lover Helvetica, but it did not make many enemies, either. “We don’t see customers turning, which is what happens with the text,” says Simon Daniels, chief software officer at Microsoft Office Design. Nothing wrong and Calibri. Only after almost two decades, Daniels realized that it could be time to try something new.

“I often think of Roger Black’s words, which say that letters are like clothes in your mind’s eye,” says Daniels. “So what we’re saying is that Calibri is out of fashion.”

Instead of trying to recover, Microsoft gives it time to think about the decision. Daniels sent five new letters from major manufacturers, everyone bringing a new take on an unmistakable brand: Tenorite is sweet and round, with rounded paints. Bierstadt severely restricted, paying homage to the last 500 years in Switzerland. Skeena is a “merciful” without serif; Grandview, one “factory”. Seaford takes inspiration from the seats: comfortable but ergonomic.

Microsoft is inviting people to comment on new images that could replace Calibri.

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