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Etsy’s promise to address the prohibited content in the investigation


Etsy encourages the implementation of legislation on prohibited activities. Gizmodo reports that Etsy said it he will destroy at least $ 40 million to meet its targets this year after Inside research which found about 800 lists that violated market rules prohibiting the sale of certain goods. The funding will help expand the definition of “tenfold” review teams by the end of 2021, and should help the company change its policy and catch offenders using technology such as obvious restrictions and image recognition.

The study found donations that violated Etsy’s laws, including firearms, counterfeit COVID-19, ivory products and market-based products that were donated as products. The extra money doesn’t seem to be being addressed by the study, but Etsy was willing to make a public commitment.

The company also removed the list of items in question.

It is unclear how the items passed Etsy’s analysis, although the company said Inside that it uses a unique, hand-written and public mix to catch the culprits. Corinne Pavolvic hinted at the belief and safety in her blog that forcing Etsy to probably “never be enough.” Etsy wants to “save business,” the official said.

Etsy isn’t the only one struggling with banned content. Amazon has been around for years fighting falsehoods, For example. Some of these violations are false, however, I also highlight the difficulties in developing a supportive approach that prohibits accidental restrictions. Public or community-based approaches do not work, and Etsy promotion is not guaranteed to help.

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